Who Owns BMW? (Things to Know)

BMW is currently not owned by an individual. The company is owned by BMW AG. The group is a registered entity jointly owned by many shareholders. While it is true that there are many owners of the BMW, just one family owns half of the auto-making company.

Stephan Quants, a German engineer and industrialist, and his sister, Susanne Klatten, an investor, are the highest shareholders of the BMW company. They currently hold 29 and 21 % of BMW’s shares, respectively. The remaining 50% belongs to the public shareholders, also known as the Public float.

Who is the Present owner of BMW

The now known BMW started as Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH in 1913. It was owned initially, by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. In 1916, the company changed its name to Bayerische Flugzeugwerke.

Later in 1922, the company was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). BMW is presently owned by an entity called the BMW AG.

They are shareholders who bought a percentage of the long-standing BMW. The group consists of the Quant family and the public Float. The Quant family, Stephan and Sussan Klatten, and his sister own half of the company’s shares. They hold 29% and 21%, respectively. The public float owns the remaining 50% of BMW.

Is BMW owned by Volkswagen?

Famous German automaker, the Volkswagen group, owns many other well-known vehicle brands today. They boast ownership of some of the best auto companies, but BMW is not among them.

The Volkswagen AG owns the most shares in Porsche, Bently, Bugatti, Audi, and Sarnia. They also wholly own Lamborghini, Skoda Auto, and Ducati. Volkswagen would have added Rolls Royce to their inventory, but lost to BMW.

In 1988, when Rolls Royce owner Vickers put the famous brand for sale, Volkswagen won the bid. However, they did not have the right to use the Rolls Royce logo and brand name. Later, Vickers licensed the brand name and logo to BMW. By 2002, BMW became the sole provider of Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Are BMW and Audi the same company?

BMW and Audi are not the same company. Audi is partly owned by the Volkswagen group, who also owns other popular auto brands.

Because Audi is a subsidiary, Volkswagen owns Lamborghini, under Audi AG. They also own Lamborghini, Ducati, Bentley, Porsche, Skoda Auto, and Bugatti. BMW, on the other end, owns Mini, BMW Motorrad, and Rolls Royce motor cars. Apart from those brands, BMW currently does not own shares in others, partially or fully.

Is BMW owned by anyone?

BMW is not owned by a single person. Rather, the luxury automaker is owned by the BMW group. The only time the company was owned by individuals is 1913. At that time, BMW was for Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto.

However, since the name BMW stuck since 1922, the company sold shares and got many investors. Presently, the owner of BMW is the BMW AG. The group comprises the Quant family and the Public Float. The Quant family holds 50% of the company, while public investors own the other half.

Is BMW still family-owned?

BMW is no longer family-owned. The automaker is currently owned by a group of public investors and the Quaint Family. Stephan Quant, an Investor, engineer, and industrialist holds 26% of BMW shares.

His sister, Sussane Klatten, has 21% of the company’s shares. The remaining 50% is owned by public investors from all over the globe. Because the Quant family holds half of the BMW shares, it is easy to conclude that the auto brand is family-owned. However, that is not the case. BMW is not a family business.

Are BMWs American made?

No, not all BMW models get manufactured in the USA. BMW has manufacturing facilities in five countries. They are, Germany, Mexico, China, South Africa, and the USA.

The auto designs produced in America are based on high demands for crossovers and SUVs. in response to the need of American drivers, the BMW X series are currently manufactured in the USA.

The BMW autos produced in America include BMW X3, X3M, X4, X4M, X5, X5M, X6, X6M, and X7. Apart from those, no other BMW models are being manufactured in the US facility.

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