can you put air in run flat tires

Can You Put Air in Run-Flat Tires (Explained)

Run flat tires are the newest tires on the market today. Their main purpose is to allow you to drive even after you have punctured a hole in your tire. However, there are some limitations to run-flat tires. You cannot drive over 55 mph with them on and if you puncture the tire, it will … Read more

tire pressure

Check TPMS System Meaning (Explained)

What does the “check TPMS system” error message mean on a Car? We will be tackling this question in this article. TPMS system is one of the most important safety features on your car. It can alert you to a possible flat tire or if there is a problem with your car tires. The TPMS … Read more

honda civic b13

B13 Honda Civic (Meaning, Cost &What Included)

Honda Civic is my favorite car model due to its sleek design, low maintenance costs, and fuel efficiency. The vehicle generates different code errors to imply the need for a scheduled maintenance routine. B13 Honda Civic code error means that it is time to change transmission fluid and engine oil. The oil helps lubricate the … Read more

2004 ford f150 bolt pattern

2004 Ford F150 Bolt Pattern (Lug Size Expalined)

If you’re thinking of purchasing a 2004 F 150, then you need to know the bolt pattern before you go spending any money on new wheels, this is very important. That is why I have put this guide together to help you determine the right bolt pattern for your 2004 f150. Keep reading. What is … Read more

cost to install a cold air intake

How Long Does it Take to Install a Cold Air Intake (Explained)

Aftermarket cold air intakes are one of the best performance upgrades you can make to your car. Not only do they increase horsepower and torque, but they also help to cool down the engine. They’re easy to install, but how much do these cost? after doing some research I am going to share the overall … Read more