Costco Car Battery Warranty

costco battery warranty

Costco isn’t the absolute best out there, but they are good for the money spent. Some of their batteries come with the Memory Saver option to help prevent battery failure if you store your vehicle for a period of time (usually during colder months or season changes). For the price, it’s hard to beat it … Read more

Can SUVs Drive in Snow?

suv in snow

SUVs can drive in snow (to a certain extent). SUVs are vehicles that weigh 3,500 pounds and more. They can handle light to moderate snowfall conditions very well. However, they may have trouble driving if the road is covered with thick or icy snow. Also, SUVs may not do so well on steep hills or … Read more

Mercedes 300d Reliability

Mercedes 300d Reliability

Mercedes is one of the most respected names in the automotive industry and the brand has been around for more than a century. During the time Mercedes has carved out a very loyal market segment and fanbase, thanks to its unique cars that are way ahead of their time. The company’s successful strategy of thinking … Read more

20w50 Oil Disadvantages

20w50 oil disadvantages

Engine oil is one of the most important things in the engine, it can make or break any car, by using the wrong oil can lead to serious costly engine damages that is why it is crucial you have the right information when it comes to oil. In this article, we will look at 20W50 … Read more