should you balance your tires

Do Tires Need to be Balanced? (Solved!)

Tires are a very important part of your car, without which you would not be able to get around. Some cars even have a spare in the trunk just in case you somehow manage to puncture one and need it as soon as possible. But could you have an imbalance when driving on the road? … Read more

is straight piping your car bad

Does Straight Pipe Hurt Your Engine? (Explained)

Nowadays it is common for most vehicle owners to remove catalytic converters and put on a straight pipe and if you do, is it bad for your engine? Straight pipes have been around a while and they are becoming more popular among car owners. However, some people claim that running straight pipes can damage the … Read more

can you drive with MAF sensor unplugged

Driving with a Mass Air Flow Sensor Unplugged (Possible?)

Mass air flow sensor (MAF) is important in car’s emissions system. The detector sends voltage to ECU, which manages fuel injection and ignition timing. When MAF sensor is unplugged, ECU will not know the amount of airflow entering the vehicle with any accuracy. This leads to fuel economy issues and power loss in vehicles. In … Read more

battery saver active meaning

Battery Saver Active (What it Really Means on Your Car)

You turn on your vehicle and see a message that says battery saver active on your dash. What does it mean? In this article, we are going to be exploring this issue, its possible causes, and how to fix it. In short, Battery Saver Active means that your battery charge has gone down to critical … Read more

comparing Bosch Envision to Icon

Bosch Envision vs Icon (Which Wiper Blades are Better?)

When it comes to safety, windshield wipers are one of the most important things on your car. They allow visibility in rain and snow and are also a convenient way to clean your windshield on the go. In this article, I will be doing a Bosch Envision vs Icon comparison. When it comes to wiper … Read more