honda civic b12 service code

Honda b12 service (Civic,Accord,CRV, Pilot Code Meaning)

You may be wondering what the b12 service code on your dashboard or MID screen means if you own a Honda. You’ve come to the right place, thankfully, to learn all of this and more. Irrespective of the Honda model, your car can continue to be in good condition if you follow the regular recommended … Read more

comparing chevron and shell

Shell vs Chevron (Which Gas is Better for Your Car?)

When it comes to pumping our cars with gas, for many of us, our choices of gas stations are usually influenced by the distance or one with the cheapest price. This, however, points out that going to just any gas station may not be a better choice for your car in terms of meeting the … Read more

bolt in car tire

Bolt in Tire (Can You Really Drive?)

Oftentimes, the rubber material around your wheels gathers up pebbles and debris which is absolutely normal and not dangerous. But in some scenarios, it could pick up foreign objects such as nails, bolts, and screws. This happens especially in cases like driving over bolts in puddles on the road, over planks with upright screws on … Read more

valvoline car inspection

Does Valvoline Do Inspections?

I used to neglect car inspection service until I was handed a ticket and fine for emissions. It is something that made me change my mindset and started to consider regular inspection for my truck. But getting a perfect vehicle inspection service center was a daunting experience. There are many brands in the market that … Read more

does valvoline do wheel alignment

Does Valvoline Do Alignments? (Explained!)

I have been doing my car maintenance for a couple of years whenever possible. But I have always involved certified technicians when dealing with tire alignment tasks. The wheel alignment service is done by a few auto repair shops in my neighborhood. Most of these auto repair shops lack the necessary tools and trained personnel. … Read more