do spark plugs improve performance

Do Spark Plugs Increase Performance? (Explained!)

Spark plugs are crucial to the engine because they ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the cylinder, which makes a flame rise up and turn the piston. This helps generate the power required by the engine. Spark plugs can fail if they get dirty or have too much time between changes. In this article … Read more

can you drive a overheating car

Can You Drive an Overheated Car? (Explained!)

Without a doubt, driving an overheated car is a risky agenda. So, what causes a car engine to overheat? One of the common causes is a faulty air conditioner. Therefore, turning the conditioner off would reduce the load on the engine. Also, any damage to the engine coolant results in overheating. The inner combustion engine … Read more

getting spark plug out of the hole

How to Get Spark Plug Out of Hole (Explained!)

The spark plug is a part of the car’s ignition system. You have to change the spark plug if it gets faulty. And this is when the plug might even break and leave a part in the cylinder hole. So, you’ve got to know how to get the spark plug out of a hole if … Read more

engine oil change

How Often Should You Change Your Oil in Months? (Explained!)

Oil is a vital part of a car. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and hence the car. The engine is a very delicate element of any vehicle and needs to be well maintained. One simple way to protect your engine is by checking the oil frequently for any abnormalities. The check tells … Read more

does revving a car warm the engine

Does Revving Your Engine Warm it up Faster?

If you own a car, you’d know that one of the biggest myths in regards to engine revving is whether or not it actually warms up your engine faster. Back in the day, engine revving was taught by mechanics as a trick to get your engine to warm up faster. So how does it actually … Read more