why hyundais are affordable

Why are Hyundais so cheap? ( Elantras, Accents, Genesis & More)

Ever since Hyundai was founded in 1967, its goal was to provide quality cars on the market at low prices. From the start, Hyundai’s intention was to offer cars that were competitively priced with other large companies like GM and Toyota. It has since become one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. Although as a … Read more

What is a dual side mirror?

Dual Side Mirrors (Everything You Need to Know)

I remember when I wanted to get the rear window of my car tinted a few years ago. It was legally approved in the area I resided, only requiring the installation of dual side mirrors. It sounded familiar, but I still decided to look at the internet for additional insights on installing dual-side mirrors. I … Read more

is gtr a sportscar or supercar

Is a GTR a Supercar? (Nissan’s Performance Model)

Whether or not the Nissan GTR is a supercar is one of the intriguing questions among enthusiasts, which we have tried to answer in this article. First off, there is no generally-embraced meaning of a supercar since it mostly has to do with what we individually believe to be the apex performance of a car. … Read more

ission kicks when slowing down

Car Jerks When Slowing Down (What to Do)

If you have ever felt the car jerking when slowing down, you are not alone. A lot of people experience this at some point. This can be an alarming situation to many people, especially for those who are new drivers. Fortunately, there are specific common causes that might cause your vehicle to jerk every time … Read more

how many motors does a tesla have

How Many Motors Does a Tesla Have? (Explained!)

Ever wondered how many motors a Tesla has? We are going to be looking at just that in this post. Tesla has been an innovator from the get-go when it comes to the electric vehicle market. Without a doubt, they are the leader that everyone else in the field is trying to catch up to. … Read more