Are Jack Stands Safe?

how safe are jack stands

The most common cause of failures when jacking a car is that the jack isn’t stable. If you’ve ever tried to operate a jack by placing it under the bumper where there are no good structural members, or where there isn’t enough room between the bumper and the pavement, you probably know what I mean. … Read more

Costco Car Battery Warranty

costco battery warranty

Costco isn’t the absolute best out there, but they are good for the money spent. Some of their batteries come with the Memory Saver option to help prevent battery failure if you store your vehicle for a period of time (usually during colder months or season changes). For the price, it’s hard to beat it … Read more

Are Car Batteries Universal?

are car batteries universal

In the United States, there are more than 1 million car battery installations that have been used for 5 years or more. Over 70% of them are still working, however, car batteries tend to wear and tear easily and fast without proper battery maintenance. Replacing the battery is sometimes better than trying to recondition it. … Read more

Do Car Batteries Need Water?

Do Car Batteries Need Water?

does a car battery need water? do car batteries need water? These are very common questions and have been answered by experts. This is an in-depth look at whether or not you should add water to a car battery to keep it alive, will overwatering a battery kill it, and how often do you need … Read more