ission kicks when slowing down

Car Jerks When Slowing Down (What to Do)

If you have ever felt the car jerking when slowing down, you are not alone. A lot of people experience this at some point. This can be an alarming situation to many people, especially for those who are new drivers. Fortunately, there are specific common causes that might cause your vehicle to jerk every time … Read more

what is car tuning

What Does Tuning A Car Mean? (Explained for Beginners)

The idea of car tuning is one of the most discussed topics in many automotive communities. Even if you’re no enthusiast in the mechanics of racing cars, chances are you want more performance from your vehicle. So, you might have come across the phrase tunning of a car while lurking on the web or during … Read more

bad wheel bearing causing humming noise

Humming Noise in Car Getting Louder With Speed (Solved!)

One of the common questions I get Is what causes humming noise in a car that gets louder with speed, In this article, we are going to look at the possible reasons why you might hear humming noise that gets louder as you accelerate, let’s jump straight to it! In short, the number one cause … Read more

overheating engine sign

Car Overheating then Going Back to Normal (Solved!)

Car overheating then going back to normal is becoming a common problem for most vehicle owners and can be unpleasant to experience since you don’t know what causes your vehicle to do that. That is why I wrote this article, In this article, we are going to look at possible reasons why your car is … Read more

how much does it cost to replace a impala engine

Chevy Impala Engine Replacement Cost (Calculated!)

The iconic Chevrolet impala car has a specific engine that many consider difficult to find or expensive to replace. Given that it is a crucial component that has to function to keep your car working at a high-performing level, it is quite costly and laborious to replace the engine. If your mechanic had informed you … Read more