knocking sounds when braking causes

Knocking Noise When Braking (Common Causes)

If you are experiencing a knocking noise when braking, then you are not alone. This can be a very annoying and concerning problem, especially if you are driving when the noise occurs. In this post, we will discuss the most common causes of knocking noise when braking and how to fix them. Knocking Noise When … Read more

Park Brake Malfunction Service Now

Park Brake Malfunction Service Now (Ford Fusion, Focus Meaning)

Parking brake malfunctions are a common and costly problem for motorists. Your vehicle’s parking brake prevents your car from moving forward or backward when parked on an incline. But what happens if you see the service now message? What does it mean? You will find out shortly. Keep reading. What is Ford Park Brake? The … Read more

Engine Fault Repair Needed

Engine Fault Repair Needed (On Peugeot, Meaning & Causes)

In this article, we are going to explain what the Peugeot & Citroen “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message means. Peugeot vehicles (and some other car brands like Citroen) have a dashboard warning light that alerts drivers to any issues with the car’s engine from carbon monoxide leaks, coolant leaks, and overheating. In this article, I … Read more

clogged injector

Clogged Fuel Injector Symptoms (Explained)

There are various clogged fuel injector symptoms that can indicate that your car’s engine is not running smoothly. If you experience any of these symptoms (listed below), it’s important to take action to fix the issue as soon as possible. What are Fuel Injectors? Fuel injectors are one of the most important parts of your … Read more

Honda Odyssey FCW System Failure

Honda Odyssey FCW System Failure (Explained!)

The Forward Collision Warning(FCW) system prevents frontal accidents. The Honda Odyssey’s sensor is placed in the rearview mirror to monitor and warn the driver of a possible collision. The sensors have wide varieties, such as laser, radar, and cameras. Honda Odyssey uses the camera. This classic system comes with a couple of cool features including: … Read more