Engine Fault Repair Needed (On Peugeot, Meaning & Causes)

In this article, we are going to explain what the Peugeot & Citroen “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message means.

Peugeot vehicles (and some other car brands like Citroen) have a dashboard warning light that alerts drivers to any issues with the car’s engine from carbon monoxide leaks, coolant leaks, and overheating. In this article, I am going to share the common causes of this. Read on, or jump to the Solutions section if you’re looking for what to do.

What Does Engine Fault Repair Needed Mean?

The Peugeot “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message is a warning that the engine is not functioning properly. This could be due to a problem with your emission control system or it could simply be that your car needs an oil change, there are many things that can cause your vehicle to show the error on your dash.

Here are the most common causes of this message:

Peugeot “Engine Fault Repair Needed” Causes

If you have a Peugeot car that keeps telling you that your engine is faulty, it could be one of the following common causes:

High-pressure fuel pump failure (Common Cause)

The most common cause of the light coming on is a high-pressure fuel pump failure. The high-pressure fuel pump is located in the engine bay and supplies fuel to the engine under high pressure.

The most common symptom of a failing high-pressure fuel pump is the engine will not start or run properly, the check engine light may come on and the car may have trouble accelerating

This part of the vehicle is responsible for delivering high pressure fuel to the engine. If it fails, the car will not start up and the check engine light will flash. It’s important to fix this problem as soon as possible because if left unchecked, it can cause serious damage to other parts of your vehicle’s engine.

Bad Spark plugs and ignition coil

These are two important parts of your engine that help ignite the gasoline in order for it to burn properly inside your cylinders. They’re usually located near each other on top of the cylinder head, which is located directly above where your pistons are positioned inside your cylinders (this is also referred to as the cylinder head).

When these parts fail and stop working properly, your car won’t start up properly or perform at peak levels anymore either (even after replacing them). This issue can also cause other problems such as smoke coming from under your hood and engine misfire causing your Peugeot to lose power.

Recirculation Valve

A faulty recirculation valve can cause the “engine fault repair needed” message to be displayed. The valve controls the flow of air from the outside into the engine bay and is located on the side of the engine near the air filter.

A faulty valve will cause a loss of power and a rough idle, as well as making it difficult to start your car. If you hear a rattling sound when you turn on your heater or air conditioning, this could be an indication that your recirculation valve needs to be replaced.

Bad battery

If your battery is dead, then it can’t send power to the car’s computer which will in turn not be able to communicate with any other components. As a result, you will get an error message on the dashboard when you start the engine.

Faulty Turbo

Turbochargers are used to increase the amount of air entering your engine. This allows more fuel to be added and thus produces more power from a given amount of fuel consumed. The turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases from within the engine, so if something has gone wrong with it then this could be the cause of your engine fault code coming up.

Low engine oil

The low oil level can cause the engine to overheat, which can lead to damage to the pistons and cylinders. If you have an older model Peugeot, check the oil level regularly if you don’t know how to change the oil yourself. If you are sure that your car has enough oil in it, then check other possible causes of the “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message.

Bad Camshaft Position sensor

The camshaft position sensor tells the computer where each cylinder is in its cycle so that it can control ignition timing appropriately for each cylinder. A bad camshaft position sensor will cause poor performance and an “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message on your dashboard display.

Bad/clogged catalytic converter

A clogged catalytic converter can cause poor fuel economy, performance problems, and even damage to your spark plugs over time if left unfixed. If you have an “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message, check your catalytic converter for blockage.

What to do when your Peugeot displays the “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message

If you’re getting an “Engine Fault Repair Needed” message on your Peugeot, there are a few steps to follow.

1) If your vehicle is still within warranty, contact Peugeot themselves to see if they can help you out with any recommendations or other options for getting this problem fixed without having to pay for expensive repairs or replacements

2) You can get an OBD scanner and read the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) generated by your car’s onboard diagnostic system. The DTC can help you pinpoint the exact issues and how severe is the problem.

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3) Take your car for diagnostics at the mechanic shop. If you have taken it in and the mechanics say that it isn’t anything serious and that they can’t find any issues with it, then try the Peugeot forums. We definitely have found useful information about specific models, and I’m sure you can find more information about your specific model of Peugeot to see if there is any common issue associated with it or if there are any recalls on your specific model number (which may lead to a repair).

We hope this helps you!