tie rod ends

Should I Replace Both Inner and Outer Tie Rods? (Explained!)

If you’re experiencing rattles in your steering wheel, it’s likely that you’re missing a couple of tie rods. Do you need to replace both the inner and outer tie rods or can you just replace the first one? Let’s find out. Should I replace both inner and outer tie rods? Yes, it’s best to replace … Read more

boiling coolant in the water b

Coolant Boiling in Reservior (Most Common Causes)

Visible bubbling or boiling of a coolant in the reservoir is one of the most common problems in automotive cooling systems. The reason is that it usually indicates that the system has an underlying issue with the cooling system and/or the engine, and there are many potential causes for overheating in this article we are … Read more

radiator stop leak

Can Radiator Stop Leak Cause Overheating? (Explained)

Replacing a car radiator can be an expensive and time-consuming task, that is why radiator stop leaks became so popular. While it does help, it is not a permanent solution to fixing a leaking radiator but since “radiator stop leaks” are temporary fixes do they have any negative effects on your engine? can radiator stop … Read more

Front End Popping Poise when Turning

Front End Popping Poise when Turning (Causes and Solution)

One of the most common questions I get is what causes popping noises when turning your front-end wheel. This is a pretty common issue for most people and in fact, it can occur with just about any car model. It’s not just limited to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels either, which is why we need … Read more

Car Hesitant to Start (Possible Causes)

Are you familiar with a situation where you are sitting in your car for an extended period of time and, despite cranking the key to give it another try, there is no sign of life? No matter how much you wait, you cannot get your car started. and finally, after some hesitating, it finally starts … Read more