Car Cover Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions regarding cover covers some of them are do answer them in separate articles such as Do Car Covers Scratch paint? and Are Car covers waterproof? however, more and more questions come up so In this article I am going to answer most of the common questions about car covers. Let’s jump straight to it.

Can I Use a Car Cover for Long-Term Storage?

Yes. You can use a car cover whenever you want to store your car for a long time. Nevertheless, you have to employ the best practices to ensure the safety of your car. For long-term storage, you should avoid waterproof car covers. Water-resistant will work well for you. Choose a cover that has straps.

You will use the straps to fasten the cover not to be blown away by the wind. Avoid storing your car in areas with dump conditions. Choose well-aerated spaces and remove the cover once in a while to let in air. Before covering, wash your car, and allow it to dry completely.

Can You Put a Car Cover if the Car is Wet?

No good will come out of covering your vehicle while it is wet or dirty, even if you plan to use breathable covers that allow the moisture to escape. It is highly recommended to cover your vehicle when it’s completely, especially when using a waterproof car cover. Also, clean your car well before covering when you want to store it for a long time.

Can I cover My Car With a Tarp?

Yes. You can cover your car with a tarp. However, there are several downsides to using a tarp as opposed to a car cover. Tarps are plastic sheets and will not fit your car snugly. It will lead to problems if used in the outdoors where there are strong winds.

The wind will blow it, causing it to rub against your car paint constantly. Moreover, since it doesn’t fit your car well, sand and other rough particles will find their way between the tarp and the car paint. This will lead to scratches and dents on your car.

Which Fabric is the Best for Car Covers?

Different fabrics are suitable under different conditions. For instance, Satin can be the best for indoor storage due to its soft text that minimizes friction against your car paint. Durable weatherproof materials like WeatherShield Hp can be a good option in the outdoors. Woven polyester is leakproof and will protect your vehicle against all outdoor and indoor conditions

Can I Use a Car Cover Every day?

Yes. You can use a cover every day to keep your car clean, away from dust and water. However, the act of removing a car cover and returning it every day will end up scratching your car paint. It will be more appropriate to use a cover when you don’t plan to use your car for a few days.

But in a case where you need to protect your car every day after use, ensure to wash the cover more often to remove any particles sticking to it. Particles increase their roughness and thus more likely to cause more harm.

How Do I Stop My Car Cover from Blowing?

There is a couple of ways that you can use to prevent your car cover from blowing; An adequately fitted cover will never blow away. Secure the front of the cover to the front bumper and the back to the rear bumper, ensuring the elastic hem fits appropriately.

A tight fit is essential here. Another way to stop your car cover from blowing is using a gust strap. Even if your cover has straps, gust straps will be added security. They have a simple design and are much affordable. Binder clips are a cheaper option than just straps.

Ideally, they are not meant for this purpose, but you can use them to fasten the cover at both ends. The best way to prevent blowing is to get a good quality custom fit cover. It will fit your car snugly. Thus, you can expect it to remain calm even with strong winds.

How to Fit a Car Cover on a Car with an Antenna

If you are using a custom-fit car cover, you should not have any problem installing it since it will have a hole where the antenna will go through. If the hole is not there, you can cut one and cover it with a grommet. For universal covers,

you have to cut the hole yourself. The grommet is not included in the package, But you can buy it separately. Cheap plastic covers will usually fray after cutting a hole. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a lighter to melt the edges of the hole.