is shutting a car door bad

Does Slamming a Car Door Damage it?

In 2012, approximately 500 thousand people found themselves having to replace their front-end car parts because they slammed the car door too hard and broke the latch. In addition, unnecessary wear occurs when slamming a car door. A common indicator for this is when the rubber lining on the outside of the door becomes worn … Read more

can bad spark plugs cause gearbox issues

Can Bad Spark Plugs Cause Transmission Problems?

Spark plugs are usually one of the first things to go wrong on an older car. And if they’re not replaced with better quality plugs, your old car may not even start anymore. It’s really important to know what causes a bad spark plug, and how you can remedy it if you’ve got transmission problems … Read more

uber eats vs uber

Uber Eats vs Uber

It is a fact that most of us have already heard about Uber along with the flexibility offered by it as a side gig. Apart from enabling you to drive according to your own preference, Uber likewise comes with multiple options in terms of the side gig type chosen by you. One of these is … Read more

Spotify on Waze One significant advantage provided by Waze is the fact that it can be integrated with Spotify together with its compatibility with other audio and music book players such as Pandora, Scribd, and iHeartRadio. This helps to promote hands-free driving by enabling you to skip tracks, pause songs, and also change playlists easily without any need to navigate away from the app.

How to Use Waze with Uber?

In case you have been let down by Uber navigation on too many occasions, it might be an indication that a new solution is needed by you. A lot of rideshare drivers are of the notion that they have come across the ideal solution in Waze; however, it will be imperative for you to learn … Read more