Does Slamming a Car Door Damage it?

In 2012, approximately 500 thousand people found themselves having to replace their front-end car parts because they slammed the car door too hard and broke the latch. In addition, unnecessary wear occurs when slamming a car door. A common indicator for this is when the rubber lining on the outside of the door becomes worn out

Does Slamming a Car Door Damage it?

In short, yes, slamming a car door can damage it. If you slam a car door too often, it can potentially wear down the door”’”s hinges and the rubber that lines the outside edge of the door can wear away. Although Car doors are designed to withstand moderate slamming, the Vehicle Door Latching Mechanism is very sensitive to force.

The latching mechanism consists of a torsion spring and a latch plate. Upon closing the door, the torsion spring loads (stretches) and then releases (springs back), pulling the latch plate outward, in turn hooking over the striker to secure the door.

The torsion spring is under constant tension, holding tension on the latch plate to prevent it from rattling in its hinge. However, slamming a vehicle door too often can cause the springs to weaken and wear out over time.

Is slamming a car door bad?

Yes, that causes the door to wear out quicker. As you slam the door, the hinges and frame can get damaged, or the rubber around the door can wear out. There are two types of door wear caused by slamming:

Cracking between plastic and metal components, and oxidization of metal components due to repeated slamming. Different metals can crack over time due to temperature, pressure, or humidity changes.

The distance between a car”’”s body and its doors is one of the most important factors in deciding whether a vehicle has room for a slam-guard.

Some doors can break if you slam them a lot. The rubber on the outside edge of the door”’”s door frame can be damaged by repeated slamming inside the vehicle, and subsequently deteriorates, causing stalling or slipping of the latch plate.

The rubber on a car”’”s frame will wear down over time if too many people slam their doors. Although nothing is broken, it makes sense to avoid slamming doors because it can damage other parts of your car.

What causes a car door to slam?

When a car door slams it is usually the result of someone being careless, and closing the car door harder than necessary.

The force on the car door from slamming it causes it to move in a way that can damage other parts of the vehicle. A common example is when one door slams into another, causing a small dent in the window or door panels. The key to preventing damage from slamming doors is to be sure they are only closed as far as absolutely necessary.

Slamming Car Doors: Why You Should Avoid It

Slamming or banging your vehicle”’”s door can end up costing you a good amount of money and therefore it is better to exercise restraint no matter how angry or in a rush you are.

The door latch mechanism is designed to withstand a certain amount of force for a particular amount of time and sooner or later it will wear out if keep on banging your car”’”s door. You”’”ll have no choice but to forcibly press the door once its latching mechanism has worn out.

Sometimes, it gets so deteriorated that you may have to hold the door handle from inside all through your journey. You may be wondering why am I making such a big deal out of a worn-out door latching mechanism, is because the mechanism can cause you several hundred dollars and the estimate is a bit sugar-coated since parts for luxury and high-end cars are much more expensive.

You can go for a used or a Chinese-made door latch but as obvious they will not last as long as the original one. The risk posed by the constant slamming of a car’s door should never be underestimated.

It may be the case that the locking mechanism has become so weak that the door may accidentally open in the middle of a road while you were leaning on it.

Such an accident can even cause the death of your loved one or he/she may end up in a hospital with severe injuries. The door latching mechanism is not the only part that gets damaged, there are several other fragile components installed in a modern cars”’” door, e.g. windows”’” switch assembly, defroster, and seat height adjustment buttons.

Like other parts, they have a limited lifespan too which can get drastically low if aren”’”t careful enough.

Some parts are attached to the pillars of a car and they can get loose and wobbly by the vibration and the force of a door shut forcefully.

Such loose parts can create rattling noise on unpaved roads and bumps which can frustrate you if you live in an area where the roads are not in a good shape.

The weatherstripping installed around the door gets brittle with the passage of time and a brittle rubber strip can get easily broken with the force of a door slamming on it.

How do I stop my car doors from slamming?

Some cars come with a slam guard that prevents the doors from slamming. The first and most obvious way to stop your car doors from slamming is to get a spring-loaded slam guard, I recommend UTSAUTO Car Door Edge Guards Door Protector (Check current price on Amazon)

They attach to the door frame itself and stop the car doors from slamming back against it. There are other solutions that can be installed in a car, such as a remote-controlled device that automatically locks the door when you leave your car, or an automatic safety device that closes all of your doors if you leave your car alone.

Car Door Slamming Prevention Tips

  •  Try to keep your doors from hitting each other by adjusting the door latches, so that passengers cannot close one door without the other being closed as well.
  • Replace rubber weather stripping on exterior car door frames.
  • If you live in a humid climate, wipe down your car doors regularly to prevent moisture and grime buildup on the frame.
  • The door latch may need to be adjusted if it is loose or tight. You can try to adjust the door latch by removing the interior door panel and grasping it by the handle, along with moving the movement of the window.
  • Check your weather stripping periodically to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • Clean dirty car doors and their hinges as well as outside push plates often with rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits.

Conclusion on Vehicle Door Slamming

A car door that has been slammed too many times can wear out the rubber around it, causing it to rip and crack. I know this from experience, If you overcorrect when closing your car and shut the door too hard, you could smash your vehicle”’”s doors or even break them.

Aside from breaking the door, slamming a door also damages the latching mechanism that secures it. They will tear or snap because of stress put on them by slamming a car door harder and often.