Who Makes STP Oil Filters? (Are they Made in China?)

Oil in the engine is crucial for the smooth running of a car. You do not want to have dirty oil in the vehicle because it wears out the engine and affects the car’s performance in general.

In that case, filters are lifesavers because they catch the contaminants. STP is one of many filters in the market. But who makes the STP oil filters?

In shorty, Champion Laboratories Inc manufactures them. The company was previously known as Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company in 1955. In 1959, Champion Laboratories Inc took a patent on one of their innovations that opened the industry up. This was the engine-end relief valve for spin-on oil filters.

Advantages of STP Filters

  • They are made out of high-quality material, making them very effective in keeping the engine oil clean.
  • They are excellent in filtering impurities and can hold the dirt because Champion Laboratories Inc makes the filters with an upgraded cellulose media.
  • The design allows the filters to fit into a wide range of cars.
  • Considering their high quality, they are pretty affordable.
  • STP filters can protect the engine for up to 5000 miles when used with synthetic oil.

Where are STP Oil Filters made from?

STP oil filters are made in China, where STP has manufacturing facilities and partners to manufacture the oil filters. That’s why you would see STP oil filter’s Product of Origin as China.

STP oil filter product origin - made in china

Why Is an Oil Filter Important?

Your vehicle performs its best when everything is in place and working as it should. The engine is the heart of the car. It is the part that makes each other play their role. Therefore you must take care of it, and this depends entirely on its oil hence the filter significance. Engine oil functions include:

Lubricating the engine

As the engine is working, the movement causes friction, but with oil, it runs smoothly. It also reduces a lot of wear and tear in the process.

Reduction of corrosion of the engine

Engine oil has additives that help reduce corrosion and therefore wear and tear. Metal parts of the engine oxide and rust when exposed to fuel combustion. The oil has additives that help minimize the erosion and hence wear and tear of the engine. In the process it increases the engine’s life.

Regulation of heat

Oil helps cool the engine and prevents it from overheating. It keeps the engine clean The oil collects any impurities that enter the engine and helps avoid any clogs that might interfere with the engine running. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the engine oil as clean as possible, and that is where the filter comes in.

How Often Should You Change the Oil Filter?

With time the filter becomes congested by dirt, and it will not function. When there is so much dirt collected on it, only small amounts of oil will pass through.

That is why it is wise to change the filter as recommended. You would not know if you need to change it by checking because it is enclosed.

However, you are advised to change the oil filter on the second oil change or between 7500 and 12000 miles. Factors like how much you use your car, and the weather conditions of where you live contribute to changing your oil filter. A mechanic will guide you accordingly in this case.

Here Are Some Tips When Changing the STP Oil Filter

  1. Check if you need a unique tool to remove the oil filter.
  2. Put an oil pan or anything that can hold any oil that will have remained in the filter when removing it. You would not want the oil landing on the grass or garage and add yourself more work.
  3. Make sure to clean the mounting surface and the filter’s neck with a clean rug to avoid leaving any dirt or the old oil.
  4. After replacing the filter, turn on the car to check for leaks. If not, you are good to go. However, if you spot any leaking, turn off the engine immediately and fix the problem.

Conclusion on Who Makes STP Oil Filter

The STP Oil Filter is one of the best filters in the market. You can find it in most auto stores, including; STP website, Amazon, eBay, and AutoZone. You might also wonder, how will you dispose of the old oil?

There are auto spare shops permitted to dispose of the engine oil, such as AutoZone and Advance. You can drop off the oils at one of the selected stores near you. You also check for recycling centers that take used engine oil and drop it off there.