Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Noise (Everything to Know)

Did you know that the noise your car makes isn’t just about the engine or the exhaust? Your tires play a significant role in the symphony of sounds you hear while driving. Tires are not just about function and asethetics; tire noise can indicate the quality and condition of your tires.

Enter the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06. This isn’t just another tire; it’s a technological R&D marvel designed by Continental, aiming to give you the quietest and most comfortable ride possible.

Ready for a deep dive into the world of tire noise and how Continental is changing the game? Buckle up!

Are Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 tires Noisy?

In short, No, Continental Dws06 tires are not noisy, Continental tires are one of the best tires you will find in the market. The company has developed a technology called ContiSilent, that helps reduce noise up to 9 dB.

There is no fun in driving and feeling like you are in a noisy factory. You would get to your destination with a headache. You want some peace or be able to listen to some music or radio.

How Does ContiSilent Work?

A form bound in the inner surface, made of polyurethane, is used as an absorber in the extremecontact DWS06. It prevents vibrations from being transmitted into the interior of the vehicle. The foam also holds to high-temperature weather; therefore, it does not affect the car’s performance.

How Is Noise Tested on Continental Tires?

Tire noise is tested on tracks where microphones are put 7.5 m away on each side, inside a square zone measuring 20 by 20 meters. They pick up the sounds, and it is then recorded and analyzed. Here are some methods that are used:

The drive-by method

The driver enters the designated zone in 2nd or 3rd gear then speeds up as the measurements are taken. The coast-by method Most people use this method to measure tire noise. In this technique, the driver enters the zone at a specific speed, switches off the engine, and puts the gear in neutral.

The cruise-by method

In this method, the car rides at a constant speed while in the zone.

Why Choose Continental Extremecontact DWS06?

Besides the reduced noise, there are more benefits to Extremecontact DWS06. They include:  Great traction Extremecontact dws06 tread design includes; Plus X Stipes, traction grooves, Sport Plus Technology that enhances traction.

This tire is ready to give you a comfortable ride to your destination on snow, wet or dry roads. They have quick view indicators The indicators help recognize any problems with alignment because of worn-out tires.

The letters DWS on the tire help you know if the tire has started wearing out. When all three are visible, it is suitable for dry, wet, and snowy road conditions. When the S rubs off, it is ideal for dry and wet conditions. After the W is erased, the tread depth is fine for dry conditions only.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Maintenance

Tire maintenance will save you money and ensure your safety while you are on the road. Here are some tips on how to care for your tires:

Wheel balancing

Have you been feeling some vibrations while driving and particularly when accelerating? High chances are, your wheels are not balanced. Technicians use a balancing machine that spins the wheel to check the balance and make the necessary fixes.

To do this, they attach lead using bonding cement to add more weight on the light side.

Check the pressure regularly

When taking a look at the tires, you will tell if they are under or over-inflated. If they have less pressure, the sides of the tire will sag, and if they have too much, the middle part will be swollen.

Under-inflated tires wear out faster and increase fuel consumption. Consequently, you end up using so much money or replacing the tires and fuel. It also makes the car unstable and puts you and any passengers at risk when driving.

Overinflated tires are likely to burst especially, when it’s hot, which could lead to an accident. Check the vehicle’s handbook to see the recommended pressure for the tires. You are also advised to check the pressure when the tires are cold for accurate results.

Measure the tread

You can measure the depth of the tire’s tread using the quarter trick. The trick is to place a quarter inside, and if you can see George Washington’s head, it has worn out. Assess at the center and the inner and outer edge of the tire for accuracy. Another method is to spot-check. If you identify any strips of worn rubber, replace the tire.

Wheel alignment

You may notice that you are being pulled to one side while driving. Get a mechanic to check the alignment and get it fixed.

Conclusion on Continental extremecontact DWS06 noise

If Continental ExtremeContact dws06 tire was what you wanted, nothing is holding you back now. Go for it. The performance is excellent and without the compromise of noise. Also, continental produces different types of tires for different kinds of vehicles.

They provide a wide range of sizes ranging from a diameter of 16-22 inches. Therefore, you will not leave without getting one that will fit you.