Tr412 vs Tr413 (Valve Stem for Tires Compared!)

Are you looking at changing your tire stem valve and thinking of whether to go with a TR412 or TR413? You’ll most likely have come across several discussions online looking at the pros and cons of either option and probably the differences between them.

Well, in this article, I will attempt to explain to you the difference between these valve stems so that you make an informed decision on which one to go with. So, what exactly are they and how are they different from each other?

In short, the core difference between Tr412 and Tr413 stem valves is Tr412 stem valve is about three-quarters long, whereas the Tr413 stem valve is one and a quarter inches long. But both Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems can fit a hole with 453” space.

The Tr413 valve stem looks the same as the Tr412. If you have limited space, consider the Tr412 valve stem. The decision will help to avoid landing into severe problems in the long run.

Keep in mind that valve stems work behind the scene by preventing the gas from escaping. If you find it challenging to distinguish between Tr412 and Tr413, keep reading this article for more insight. The information will help you make an informed decision before making any purchase.

What are Tr412 and Tr413 Stem Valves?

The TR412 and TR413 are air valve stem for tubeless tires. They are designed to let air in one way and seal inside the tire by using its air pressure. The seals are specially designed to hold air in. You will find valve stems in snap-on and clamp-on variations.

There are also low and high-pressure variations. The high-pressure valves are used on heavy-duty equipment like trucks and can take pressure up to 100psi. Low pressure valve stems, on the other hand, are designed to withstand 65psi. The TR412 and TR413 fall under the low pressure category.

Are There Different Size Stems

There are 12 different valve stem sizes categorized as low pressure and industrial type. The low pressure stem valves all support a maximum pressure of 65psi. These are:

  • 412
  • 413
  • 414
  • 415
  • 418
  • 423
  • 415
  • 425

High pressure or industrial type pressure valve stems include:

  • 600HP
  • 602HP
  • 801HP
  • 802HP

The 600HP and 602HP can withstand pressure of up to 80psi while the 801HP and 802HP can withstand up to 100psi. High pressure valves also include clamp in valves that are for heavy duty trucks or vehicles that regularly exceed 130mph.

When the clamp in valve is included, it will be able to withstand pressure up to 200psi. All the valves mentioned above are for different applications and have different hole sizes.

If you have a bigger valve stem, it is possible to modify the whole to fit it but it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to do.

Over and above that, there is also a high risk of causing damage that leads to leaks. If it’s not an emergency situation, it’s just best to get the right size for the job. I just wanted to give you an overview but since this article is about the 412 and 413, we will now get into the stars o this particular show.

Differences between Tr412 and Tr413 Valve Stems

Size of Valve Stem Hole

Tr412 valve stem is about 33mm long. The length makes it compatible with several tubeless tires and automotive regardless of their purposes.

Tr413 valve stem is about 47mm long. The length makes the valve stem suit specific tubeless tires and commercial vehicles alone. There is no winner under this category. If you have limited space, consider using the Tr412 valve stem. But Tr413 still works the same as the Tr412 stem valve.

Origin of the Valve Stem

Tr412 valve stem is a snap-in valve type made in China. The country is associated with making low-quality automotive spare parts. The valve stem is available at Nepa. Tr413 valve stem is another type of snap-in valve made in Japan. The valve stem is available at Costco and considered high-quality. Be sure to consider quality and performance for better results. It has nothing to do with where they are made. Therefore, there is no winner under this category.

Valve Stem Reputation

Tr412 valve stem is more associated with modern and luxury vehicles. These automobiles have low ply-ratings for light-duty functions. Tr413 valve stem is ideal for medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These trucks have high ply-ratings to undertake heavy-duty functions. Both Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems have an incredible reputation in the market. But these valve stems serve particular vehicles. Thus, there is no winner under this category again.

Replacement Cost

Tr412 valve stems are more affordable when compared to Tr413. The application and the store selling could be the reason behind the low price. Tr413 valve stems are available at Costco. Most car parts sold at Costco are super expensive when compared to other online and offline stores. Quality and high performance are vital factors to consider before buying valve stems. Never use the price to charge the quality and performance. There is no winner under this category.

Similarities between Tr412 and Tr413 Valve Stems

Weather Resistant

Both Tr412 and Tr413 are less vulnerable to weather changes. These valve stems tend to sustain their original structure despite the change in weather.

Rubber Snap-In Valve Stem

The rubber caps on Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems are super effective in sealing the air and preventing it from escaping to other compartments.

Easy to Install

Installation of Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems is a no-brainer task. You can easily fit the valve without seeking assistance from professionals.

Durable Materials

Both Tr412 and Tr413 are made from EPMD materials. It makes the valve stems more resistant to heat, cold, ozone, and road salt. Accurate specifications guarantee a tight fit.

High Temperature Tolerant

Both Tr413 and Tr412 have non-reactant valve cores. It prevents the gas from leaking through other compartments. Thanks to its heat-resistant valve cores.

Extra Pieces

These valve stems come with 10 to 37 extra pieces. It helps the car owners to save on the cost of buying valves over and over. One purchase can serve for an extended period.

Which One Is Stronger?

Both of these stem valves are made from the same material. This is usually a combination of plastic, rubber and some form of metal.

The quantities of each material will vary based on the style the particular manufacturer is going for. To this end, you will find valves that are predominantly rubber or metal while others are a higher percentage of metal such as chrome with the rubber more concentrated around the seals.

Newer valve stems are much stronger than those from more than 11 years ago. This is due to the fact that new and stronger materials are being used. Because of this newer stem valves do not break down like what you find on older vehicles.

Regarding where each one can be used, the shorter 412 is best used in vehicles that have some form of limitation around the wheels which may lead to it sticking out in a way that may lead to it getting damaged in some way.

Its short length means that it will not be impacted by external obstacles like when you are off-road. The 413, on the other hand, works well on thicker rims or those shaped in a way that would make access to the stem valve difficult.

Conclusion on tr413 vs tr 413 Comparison

Both Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems consist of premium materials. The high-quality materials make them weather-resistant and durable. The main difference between Tr412 and Tr413 valve stem is the height. The former is about 33mm long, and the latter is about 47mm long.

Check your tubeless tire specifications before buying either Tr412 or Tr413 valve stem. Appropriate size guarantees a tight fit and prevents encountering severe problems. If your tubeless tire has a small space, consider the Tr412 valve stem. It will help to lock in air and separate gas from escaping into other compartments.