Costco Car Battery Warranty (2023 Update)

Costco isn’t the absolute best out there, but they are good for the money spent. Some of their batteries come with the Memory Saver option to help prevent battery failure if you store your vehicle for a period of time (usually during colder months or season changes). For the price, it’s hard to beat it – especially when you consider that they will always put in a new one if needed during the first 36 months of ownership under warranty.

The Costco Car Battery Warranty

Costco offers some pretty good car batteries, and I have been recommending them for years. I even got one for my own car not long ago, when the battery in my old Dodge Caravan finally died. It was just about five years old, which is a pretty good life for a starting battery.

I went to Costco to buy it because I wanted the Costco Car Battery Warranty. A lot of places don’t offer any warranty at all on their batteries, but if you get it at Costco, they will replace it if it fails during the first three years of ownership (and you only pay a few dollars to get a replacement – before tax). It just makes sense to me to buy a battery with that sort of guarantee.

How long is Costco car battery warranty?

There are a lot of different opinions on how long a Costco car battery warranty should last, but I am told by their technical service department that it’s 3 years (36 months). However, if they replace it under the terms of the warranty, they will always put in a new battery that is equal to or better than your original one.

In other words, if your warranty battery fails after three years and Costco replaces it under warranty, they will install another new battery with at least as much capacity and voltage as the original.

Will Costco replace car battery?

If your Costco car battery warranty fails, you can go to any Costco warehouse and return it for a new one. However, before you return it, I recommend calling their technical service department at (800) 955-2292 first. The reason is that the battery may need to be replaced with one of a lower rating (capacity) if it’s too far gone.

This is an issue with some batteries, mainly cheap ones that are manufactured in third world countries. They just don’t put out enough juice to start an engine very well anymore – especially in hot weather, when everything begins to wear out faster.

How long is a car battery under warranty?

The Costco car battery warranty period is three years, but their technical department will sometimes replace the battery under warranty even if it’s only two years old. It all depends on how much power the battery has left.

So, if you own a Costco car battery and have had it for three years or more, and you are having trouble starting your vehicle, I’d call them first to find out what to do.

Are Costco car batteries maintenance-free?

Costco batteries are supposed to be maintenance-free. However, I’ve read several reports of people who have found it necessary to “service” their car battery every year or two.

The procedure is simple. You just pull off the negative (black) cable connection from the car battery terminals, then attach a jumper cable between the positive (red) cables, which will draw enough power from the other battery to get your car started and running again immediately.

If possible check the battery liquid level now and then to check if there is no leak and at the normal levels.

Are car batteries cheaper at Costco?

The big-box chain that sells everything at a discount from the warehouse is no exception with car batteries. The Costco car battery warranty is fantastic, even if it’s only for 3 years (36 months) and not 4 years.

A lot of people want to know if Costco car batteries are cheaper than the competition, and they are – especially after you have had it replaced once under warranty. You can get a lot of use out of a Costco car battery if you don’t mind getting another one every now and then.

The best price I found online for a Costco Car Battery was $149.95 plus tax with free shipping available (see here) which seems to be competitive with other places like Sears. The shipping weight is 45 pounds.

Conclusion on Costco Car Battery Warranty

Should you get a battery for your vehicle at Costco? well that will totally depend on you, it doesn’t matter where you get a car battery from what matters most is the quality, size and longevity of the battery, I hope you found this article informative.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.