Can a Manual Car Become Automatic? (Conversion Explained)

A car’s transmission determines the number of gears that you have, the level of acceleration, and how fast you can go. The most popular type of transmission is manual transmission because it gives drivers full control over their gas pedal and clutch. However, Manual Manuals are becoming less common as automatic transmissions become more popular for new cars and much preferable but what if you have a manual car and would like to convert it to an automatic, how possible is that? This article answers exactly that.

In short, The answer is yes. You can convert your manual car into an automatic one, given the right tools and equipment. You may also need a skilled and experienced technician if you don’t have do-it-yourself skills or simply don’t want to pull it off yourself. The manual-to-automatic car transmission is common, especially among car owners who need a simple and smooth driving experience.

This article will help you learn what you require to change your car’s manual transmission to automatic. It will also address frequent questions like; How much does it cost to convert a manual into an automatic one? Is it hard to go from manual to automatic? And which one is better between an automatic and manual gearbox. So, let’s get into it!

Items Needed for Manual to Automatic Conversion

Preferably, have your car’s transmission from manual to automatic done in a workshop. However, you can do it in your garage if you have the right tools and do-it-yourself know-how. The essential items you may need include:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical Control System (E.C.U.)
  • Gear lever Torque converter
  • Total Gearbox replacement
  • Flywheel
  • Flywheels Meter reading console
  • Linkages Gearbox console
  • Driveshafts Interior accessories you need. For instance, twin cup holders, phone pockets, etc.

It is worth noting that the parts you need for the conversion may vary depending on your car’s model and make, plus your specific requirements. Hence, you may need a custom changeover to auto transmission by an expert with sufficient experience and knowledge.

Is it Hard to Convert From Manual to Automatic?

Some mechanics have achieved this conversion in 24 hours! That’s not to mean that the task is easy. It requires the right skills plus proper acquaintance with the car you want to convert into an auto.

For D.I.Y., you can take time because there’s no hurry or pressure unless otherwise. The most complex part of converting a manual car into an automatic one is the “gearbox,”-the metal case housing various car gears (car transmission).

The gearbox is powered by the engine from where the car transmission transmits power to the wheels. This gearbox ensures the wheels get the right amount of power to move or operate at your given speed. Each gear works individually at specific ratios to ensure the engine and the wheels don’t spin at similar speeds.

For instance, as you take off after a dead stop, the vehicle uses a lower gear ratio for less speed and more power. On the other hand, at higher rates, the transmission requires a higher gear ratio.

Automatic vs. Manual Car: Which One is Better?

Some drivers may say the automatic transmission is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Other drivers believe manual transmissions are the only way to have a real, natural drive. However, after research, we’ve discovered no consensus on which is better than the other.

Why? Because each has its advantages and disadvantages with different drivers preferring either. Your preference is what matters since a choice in favor of either is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, the driver-vehicle interface of an automatic transmission is often simpler than that of a manual transmission. If you want to enjoy a real drive, the manual transmission is your to-go-for.

Pros of Converting from Manual to Automatic Transmission

  • Better Manoeuvrability: With an automatic vehicle transmission, off-road driving becomes more effortless. An automatic gearbox off-road is easier compared to a manual transmission. For highway cruising, you’ll also have a better driving experience.
  • Effortless Driving: You won’t require a clutch pedal once you convert to an automatic transmission. Plus, you can remove the changing gear stick while in crowded or urban places. Hence, once you convert to an automatic transmission, you’ll save some effort.

Cons of Converting From Manual to Automatic Transmission

  • Fuel Consumption: Some who’ve converted from manual to auto have complained that their vehicles’ fuel efficacy has dropped. Hence those clocking above 1000km a month may find this dip costly because your car will consume more fuel.
  • Expensive: To procure the parts paying an experienced mechanic is a big challenge. Most manual transmission car owners choose not to convert to automatic because of the cost anticipated in hiring a mechanic and acquiring the various parts. The extent of change you need puts a cost strain ranging between $1000 to $3000.

What’s the cost of converting a manual transmission into an automatic?

Conducting this swap varies significantly depending on the parts you need and the expertise you need. However, a rough price estimate is between $1000-$3000, including labor and parts.

Conclusion on Changing a Car from a Manual to an Automatic

In conclusion, manual transmissions are cheaper while buying and will save you several hundred to thousand bucks. On the other hand, automatic ones are expensive but may offer you more than just a great driving experience, which is why it’s worth every coin.

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