Can Sunroof Glass Break? (What You Need to Know)

Your sunroof blowing up is the last thing you want to happen as you drive. Even though rare, yes, sunroof glass can break. Hearing a loud blast and feeling glass dropping on your face and arms is a jarring experience, especially in the middle of traffic.

In other instances, your sunroof can shatter in the parking lot, leaving your car interior exposed to the elements. In this case, you’ll have escaped a horrible experience of glass filling your eyes, but your car interior may get severely damaged. Sunroofs are made of tempered glass and are very strong and resilient compared to other types. However, recent evidence has shown that it can suddenly shatter without warning.

Why Do Sunroof Glass Break?

Accumulated damage

Tempered glass accumulates damaged impact over time. Consequently, when it has had enough, it eventually breaks with no warning at all.

These damages may happen through stress during assembly as the glass is being fitted into the frame. It may also be due to being hit by debris such as small rocks that chip the glass as you drive.

The chipping will cause cracks which will cause the breaking of the sunroof.

Environmental factors

Changes in the environment include; temperature and wind. Heat causes the glass to expand, and cold makes it contract. While this is happening, the glass is being put under stress. Eventually, it will give in and shatter. Wind hitting against the sunroof causes some pressure on the sunroof glass. Again, the strain will make the glass break in due course.

Manufacturing sub-standard sunroof glasses

Manufacturers allegedly make defective or low-quality sunroofs to produce in large numbers to satisfy the growing market. They may also make the glass thinner to meet the required standard of a car’s weight. The shabby thin glasses are for sure going to explode in time.

Signs That Your Sunroof Might Break Soon

Popping sound If you hear a popping sound from the roof, it means the glass is slowly breaking. So, before it explodes in your face, get it checked by a professional.

Spotting cracks Cracks on the glass clearly show that the glass will not hold out for too long before it explodes. Chipped glass If you come across tiny particles of glass in your car, apply caution. As mentioned earlier, chipping is caused by debris hitting the glass, which turns to cracks and eventually shatters.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Sunroof Glass Explosion

Put a tint under the glass If the sunroof breaks, the tint will hold the glass and will not get into the car. Insurance Make sure to take an insurance cover that compensates damages to the sunroof. Take photos after the breaking incident for evidence and send them to your insurer. Inquire from the dealer about sunroof breakage The dealer should let you know if the glass is laminate. If it is, then the sunroof will hold in one piece and not scatter into the car.

Cost Of A Broken Sunroof Glass Replacement

The cost to repair a broken sunroof will depend on the following factors:

  • Type of sunroof
  • The model and type of car
  • The size of the sunroof
  • Materials needed
  • Labour
  • Temporary Replacement for A Broken Sunroof Glass

Before you fix the broken glass, you can be creative and cover the hole. You can use cardboard, cover it with a solid plastic bag and seal it with duct tape. The insulated board will keep water and any other debris out of the car. Also, check if it is legal to drive without a sunroof in the state that you reside. Regulations differ from state to state. You would not want another misfortune of getting a ticket after losing a sunroof.

Conclusion on Can Sunroof Break

Sunroofs are great accessories for cars. However, the drivers that have experienced the breaking of the sunroof glass get severely traumatized. Most of them, if not all, will never purchase a vehicle with a sunroof again. Unfortunately, not a lot has been advanced on sunroof technology over the years.