Who makes SuperTech Oil? (Answered!)

Oil is a major part of our daily existence. It is a lubricant that runs our industry and vehicles. In this article, we are going to be looking at one of the major players in this space, the makers of SuperTech Oil. SuperTech oil is one of the well-known automobile oil that is regarded as the best brand in the market nowadays.

In short, SuperTech oil is produced and manufactured by Warren Oil Company International. Tennessean William K. Warren was the founder of the Oil Company. This was formed in the 20th Century when there was an oil boom. In the 1950s, Warren Petroleum was the largest producer of natural gasoline and LPG (Propane gas).

The Warren Oil Company is one of the largest packagers and blenders of lubricants. They are used for heavy-duty, agriculture, and most commercial markets in the world today.

The company has six packaging and manufacturing facilities. They are located in Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, Arkansas, and North Carolina. Warren Oil Company produces synthetic and conventional lubricants. They have a market in the US and globally.

SuperTech oil is the best in the market today. Despite it being the most reputable brand, its prices are some of the most affordable on the market. The Warren Company has set standards by coming with specific oil for specific needs.

What kind of oil is SuperTech?

Today’s oil market has different types of oil to meet different needs. There is premium conventional oil, high mileage, and synthetic oil.

Due to the many options available today, picking the right oil for your vehicle can be quite the task. In light of this, it is important to know which type of oil works best for your particular vehicle. SuperTech oil is synthetic motor oil meaning it’s a man made lubricant.

Synthetic oils are produced from chemically modified materials and some artificially made chemical compounds. The difference between this and organic oil is that its molecules have a more constant shape with fewer impurities. This characteristic makes it unique from conventional ones.

The synthetic oils move better at lower temperatures. They also maintain a high viscosity at high temperatures. One of the pros of SuperTech is that it allows your vehicle to function and operate optimally. SuperTech Full Synthetic 5W 30 Motor Oil offers about 10,000-mile superior wear protection. Most organic oils offer half that range.

What are the merits of SuperTech Oil?

SuperTech Oil comes is recognized as one of the best brands globally. It is also priced affordably making it very accessible. It meets standards set by the US.

These standards guarantee that the product is of premium quality. This gives a stamp of approval and guarantee of the quality on offer from this brand.

SuperTech is a licensed Dexos 1 brand. This means that the warranty of your vehicle will not be invalidated upon the use of the motor oil brand. Since SuperTech oil is made with 100% synthetic formula. It gives protection to your engine under extreme temperatures.

SuperTech oil doesn’t react like natural petroleum-based oil when exposed to extreme temperatures. It also holds up and performs well in low temperatures as well. It lasts longer than other oils sold on the market, reduces harmful deposits and acid build-up. The combined benefits of Supertech oil help prolong the lifespan of your engine helping you cut costs over the long term.

SuperTech Oil and its Competitors?

Despite it being the best oil in the market today, SuperTech does have strong competition. Other big players like Valvoline, Castrol, and Mobile 1 are a few of note. These companies are striving to secure a foothold in this space as well. These companies are producing synthetic oils that rival SuperTech oil. At the end of the day, it’s great for the consumer who benefits from it all.

What to check when buying SuperTech Oil?

When buying your SuperTech oil it is advised to do from trusted suppliers. You can buy it at Walmart and online shops like eBay and Amazon. Is SuperTech oil High Mileage a synthetic blend? This oil is made of combinations of premium base oils and an enhanced additive. These compounds provide increased protection of your vehicle’s engine helping it perform well and increase its lifespan.