What Size Are License Plate Screws? (Ultimate Guide)

When I wanted to change my car license plate a couple of months ago, I did not realize that the screw sizes matter a lot. It was through cumbersome trial and error until I did research. It is vital to know what screw size will fit the license plate of your truck or car.

What Size Are License Plate Screws?

The standard license plate screw size is about 1/4-14- 3/4 inches. These screws usually fit on most vehicles equipped with nylon or plastic retainers. But those vehicles with metal thread holes might need a different type of plate screw.

Screw types and sizes depend on car brand or model. Some models may recommend a different screw size to meet their brand requirements. Keep reading to learn the various license plate screw sizes for each vehicle model.

What Size Screws Do You Need for a License Plate?

The standard license plate screw size is 1/4-14-3/4 inch. The first fraction number (1/4) refers to the screw thread diameter in inches, and the middle number (14) is the screw thread number. The last fraction number (3/4) is the screw length in inches.

Not all standard license plate screw sizes might fit your truck or car due to differences in model and brand. Every manufacturer tends to produce unique screws with different materials and sizes to suit its vehicle models.

License plate screws have truss heads, slotted truss heads, hex heads, and slotted hex heads. Examine your current license plate screws to help in making a vital decision. Besides that, you can visit any auto service center for assistance.

How Do You Fasten a New License Plate?

Fitting a license plate on a front or rear bumper is a no-brainer task. Be sure to have appropriate tools to make the work easy. Make sure the screw sizes are compatible with the license plate. You can use either flathead or Philips-head screwdriver depending on the head type of your license plate screws. Use the following steps to fasten a license plate on your rear and front bumpers without seeking assistance from any technicians:

  1. Unscrew the old license plate from the bumper
  2. Place the screws on a pan for safety purpose
  3. Remove the license plate frame and keep it aside
  4. Align the new license plate holes with those of the bumpers
  5. Place the frame over the license plate
  6. Drive two screws into the bumper tightly
  7. Tug the license plate to ensure it is secured

Are All License Plates Screws the Same Size?

Not really. But the standard and universal license plate screws (1/4-14-3/4 inch) can fit on most vehicles regardless of their brand or model. Most manufacturers recommend using license plate screws from the same brand.

How Do I Repair Screws on My License Plate?

Cutting new threads into the damaged areas will help to fix the problem. Consider using black nylon inserter or plastic retainer kits in case of damaged screw holes on the license plate or the bumper.


Knowing the license plate screw sizes will help you make an informed decision before buying and relieve you from the expenses of seeking assistance from professional automobile mechanics. The standard license plate screw size is 1/4 – 14 – 3/4 inches.

This universal license plate screw size can fit in most vehicles equipped with black nylon inserts or plastic retainer kits. But vehicles with thread metal holes may require special license plate screws. Use the table above to know the sizes of the license plate screws of your car or truck.