How to Fix Uncomfortable Car Seats

Uncomfortable Car seats can make driving really hard and tedious, oftentimes than not most automotive manufactures try to make the seats comfortable but sometimes they get uncomfortable with time, Fortunately, there are certain things and tips you can make use of to make your vehicle seats comfortable.

Why are car seats so uncomfortable?

As seats have evolved from cloth to leather, people are sitting higher off the floor in wider, cushioned seats with softer upholstery. This has made it harder for people to find a posture that’s comfortable in any seat.

4 habits that ruin your car’s upholstery

When you’re researching ways to fix uncomfortable car seats, you might also want to know about the practices that can ruin your car’s upholstery. Here are five habits that can ruin the upholstery in your car:

  1. Leaving a wet towel in the car for days on end is a sure-fire way to ruin your leather seat covers. This is because water can seep into the material and cause harm that will not be easily fixed.
  2. Brushing your pet’s fur against the seats Dogs and cats all have their own hair types and textures. Most courts have woolen or silky fur which makes it hard to remove any kind of hair from their bodies, resulting in lots of loose hairs just waiting to fall off and land on the upholstery. The longer these hairs sit on the seats, the harder they become to remove.
  3. Not cleaning up your pets’ messes immediately Small accidents from your furry friends are inevitable, but cleaning them up right away can prevent the stain from setting. If a drop of urine or a puddle of liquid remains on the car seat for more than an hour, it will leave a permanent mark that will be impossible to remove.
  4. Not cleaning your kids’ spills immediately Messy kids can be a headache for any pet owner! To avoid their messes from staining the car’s seats, clean them up immediately after they happen and before they have time to dry and set.

How to Make Car Seats More Comfortable

1.Check the height

Are you sitting too high or too low? If you’re sitting too low, try adjusting the seat backrest and if you’re sitting too high, try reclining it. Doing this can help to relieve pressure on certain sore spots like your lower back and thighs.

2.Tighten the seat belt

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? Then your belt might not be strapped tightly enough. Even if your car has an airbag system, you may still need to tighten your seat belt for it to work properly.

3.Use the lumbar support

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, this is a must-do trip for you. Most car seats come with built-in lumbar support that can ease pain and pressure on your lower back and help improve blood circulation in this region. Just make sure that it is positioned comfortably or else it could cause more pain instead of relieving it!

4. Adjust the height of the seat back

Are you sitting too far forward? You may want to adjust the seatback height so that you’re not sitting forward but rather straight.

5.Get a cushion

It can be hard to find a comfortable position on your car seat if it’s too flat or too upright without any softness. Get yourself a cushion and place it behind your lower back when you’re driving.

How can I make my car seat softer?

The solution to making your car’s seats more comfortable is to buy a seat cover which you can put over the existing one. Seat covers are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs that can fit any vehicle’s upholstery.

There are many different types of seat covers, cushion seats, and seat pads that can be placed on your car seats to make them softer.

Seat pads are secured by straps or fasteners and are made from a variety of fabrics like leather, suede, or even microfiber material.

They are widely used as the top layer on car seats for added comfort and protection against wear and tear. Cost-effective and easy to install, seat pads are generally preferred by most car owners as they provide a more comfortable ride while protecting your upholstery from wear and tear.

Cushion sets are often the second-most purchased product from seat cover manufacturers. Cushion sets come in two parts, the outer fabric and the inner padding that is attached to that fabric.

They are also easily installed by simply placing them over the existing seats. Cushion sets typically come with an elastic band that wraps around the headrests on both sides of the vehicle’s seats for stability. This band is adjustable so you can make your cushions firmer or looser depending on your comfort level.

What are the most comfortable car seats?

There are several brands of seat covers in the market today. Some of these car seat manufacturers have even come up with their own patented designs to ensure a high degree of comfort and durability. These are some of the most comfortable car seats that you can purchase.


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  1. Why are the bottom of the car seats in cars slanted to the back( I am a paraplegic and these seats make it hard as hell to transfer from my wheelchair to the drivers seat.this is causing people to have back problems because all your weight is put on your tailbone.

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