How long Can a Mechanic Keep My Car?

Having a car is an asset but it is no less than a responsibility. To keep your car run smoothly, you need to keep a check on it and ensure its timely maintenance. There are hundreds of issues with the car that can trouble you in one way or the other. It is recommended to service your vehicle once a year to keep it work properly.

In case your car is malfunctioning, for instance, the engine of your vehicle goes wrong or the filter of the cabin is not efficiently removing pollutants you need to consider a mechanic immediately.

Things to Look for Before Handing Over Your Car to a Mechanic:

  1. The shop has not so much workload, since it increases the duration or might compromise on the quality of service as your car is not the only vehicle they have got for service.
  2. The shop and the mechanic to whom you are considering for service is trusted.
  3. You have negotiated the cost properly so that you don’t have to worry about the budget later.
  4. The duration is pre-decided to fix a certain issue.

How long can a mechanic keep your car

once you hand over your car to the mechanic, you have to leave the car on them. Therefore, it is better to clear the above-mentioned points to avoid any problems and misunderstandings in the future.

Either it is for service or for fixing the issue by repair or replace any part. You can easily differentiate if the mechanic is asking for an appropriate time used in the fixing of the car or asking for unexpected delays.

There are many factors to consider when you are deciding the duration for how long can a mechanic keep your car at the shop. These include the number of workers at the shop and the workload on the mechanics. But it majorly depends upon the service you opt for.

If you need engine replacement, it would probably take 8-15 hours vary on the age and model of the car. In case you need regular maintenance, the maximum time a mechanic takes are around three days if everything goes smooth and fine.

If any issue is diagnosed in your car the time will exceed to few more days until the problem in your car gets fixed. You can also go for extra precautionary measures if you are so concerned that a mechanic will cause a delay in returning your car.

Ask more than one shop to compare and choose for the one that is taking the minimum time. Also, you can gather complete knowledge of the time required to fix the issue so that you will be at a better end to deal with the mechanic about how long can he keep your car.

Besides, the mechanic can keep your car until you pay him the total bill, be it $100 or $100,000. This is called the mechanic lien. To make things go smooth and simple, it is suggested to decide the duration before leaving your car to the mechanic. And, considering the second opinion is appreciate