Does Firestone Do Inspections? (Explained)

Vehicle inspection is a vital requirement before hitting the road. But every state tends to have different inspection requirements. Many auto repair shops offer inspection services to car owners across the country.

Does Firestone Do Inspections?

In short, Yes. The technicians at firestone conduct thorough vehicle inspections to ensure essential operating systems and components are working according to the required standards.

The auto technicians at firestone have expertise in both cars and trucks. The technicians usually inspect the tires, battery, fluid levels, suspensions, brakes, hoses, and more.

The vehicle inspection helps to promote road safety and a healthy environment. Some states recommend annual emission inspections and in-depth safety tests. These are part of the requirements that need to be met before being issued with a registration sticker. Every driver needs to be aware of these requirements to avoid getting tickets.

Firestone Full Car Inspection Checklist

Firestone has the reputation of offering the highest quality vehicle inspection. This comprehensive assessment is done during routine maintenance, repairs, and other checkups.

The purpose is to ensure the vehicle has better performance under the hood. Besides that, the auto technicians will have to inspect all the operating systems and components for any issue. Below is a comprehensive car inspection checklist at firestone service centers:

Battery Charge and Connection Checks

The auto technician will pop the hood and inspect the battery for leaking, corrosion, loose cables, and excessive dirt buildup. The technician will also perform a computerized battery test to gauge the amount of charge.

Steering and Suspension Checks

The mechanic usually drives the vehicle to assess the steering feeling and ride experience. If there is a problem, the technician will troubleshoot the joints, shocks, and struts. The purpose is to enhance road safety and smooth ride.

Tire Maintenance Checks

Tires are vital components that facilitate movement. Attention is usually brought to tire pressure, tread depth, alignment, and condition.

Brake System Inspection

Brake inspection is critical since it plays a role in the stoppage of the vehicle. The technicians put more emphasis on brake pads, calipers, and rotors. These components determine the efficiency and effectiveness of car brake systems.

Fluid Level and Condition Inspection

Vehicles have different fluids that carry out separate tasks. But most of these fluids help in lubricating and cooling the car. The technicians will inspect transmission fluid, coolant, steering fluid, motor oil, brake fluid, master cylinder fluid, and more.

Other Basic Checks

The auto technician will inspect the wiper blades, headlights, and air filters. The checks help ensure these components are in good condition and perform their tasks according to the requirements.

How Much Is Firestone Inspection?

A firestone vehicle inspection involves tires, belts, fluids, battery, and wiper blades. But the brand also offers free courtesy checks when a client purchases any service. A complete vehicle inspection price ranges from $19 to $22. But this price tends to depend on the geographical location of the firestone service center.

Firestone is the most affordable inspection service center across the country. Other inspection service centers do charge between $75 and $100. Schedule a complete vehicle inspection at firestone and enjoy the best service ever. The technicians are highly trained and have experience in the sector.

Does My Car Need An Inspection?

Vehicle regular inspection routine helps to enhance better road performance and safety. The checks help to detect any fault in the operating system and among vital components. Yes. But only if it generates plumes of smoke from the exhaust, unusual sound, and smell.

Besides that, vehicles with squeaky brakes and fluid leaks might need an inspection. I recommend scheduling an appointment with the firestone service center if you aren’t sure about the need for inspection. The technicians will help you see the benefits of seeking the inspection service.

Final Thoughts

Firestone service center is the best place for vehicle inspection. The professional technicians inspect the vehicle to ensure all the crucial operating systems and components are working according to the set standards. A comprehensive vehicle inspection is done on both cars and trucks.

The experts have in-depth knowledge and experience about different automobiles. They also offer courtesy checks on basic inspections like wipers.