Does Valvoline Do Alignments? (Explained!)

I have been doing my car maintenance for a couple of years whenever possible. But I have always involved certified technicians when dealing with tire alignment tasks.

The wheel alignment service is done by a few auto repair shops in my neighborhood. Most of these auto repair shops lack the necessary tools and trained personnel.

They perform the task through guesswork and end up causing further damages. It was through costly trials and errors until I stumbled upon Valvoline’s instant oil change service.

Does Valvoline Do Alignments?

In short, Yes. The company has a team of trained and experienced technicians in tire alignment service. Besides that, the technicians use modern tools to perform vehicle alignment tasks.

Wheels are one of the most expensive investments in vehicles. Proper maintenance is vital to facilitate longevity and better car performance on the road.

Tire alignment service should be given top priority during an oil change. Keep reading this article to know how much Valvoline charges for a tire alignment service.

The information also highlights the essence of seeking tire rotation service after noticing weird car performance while driving.

How Much Does Valvoline Car Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment is the most expensive maintenance service in an auto repair shop. But it is worth considering the service since it helps to reduce premature tire wear.

Neglecting the service might lead to further complications that drain the wallet. So, how much does it cost for car alignment at Valvoline? The front-end alignment costs about $65 to $100.

But Valvoline offers a lifetime alignment package for $200, which is more economical than dealing with each tire. The facility has a team of mechanics with skills and experience in tire alignment tasks. These technicians are paid well to foster better service delivery.

Besides that, the modern equipment at the facility makes the alignment looks easy. Every driver seeking wheel alignment service should get in touch with the customer support team.

The customer care will schedule an appointment and provide an estimate for alignment service cost. The responsiveness of the team makes the company the best in the market today.

Is It Worth Getting Valvoline Wheel Alignment?

Many car enthusiasts tend to neglect wheel alignment service for no reason at all. But it is an essential investment worth considering.

The service is recommendable once or twice a year to get better car performance. So, is it worth getting wheel alignment at the Valvoline service center?

Absolutely since alignment service helps to improve the lifespan of tires, fuel efficiency, smooth ride, and reduce road accident occurrences. The alignment service keeps the tires in proper angles to reduce premature wear and tear.

Besides that, it allows the driver to have control over the vehicle while driving regardless of the road condition. Regular wheel alignment should be part of the basic maintenance even when changing oil.

Be sure not to perform the task at home since it is cumbersome and complicate for people without prior knowledge or experience.

What Happens If You Drive with Bad Alignment?

Car suspension adjustment is an essential service to consider enabling the vehicle to synchronize with its wheels. The tire alignment guarantees a smooth ride and even treads wear.

So, what happens if you drive with bad alignment? It results in uneven tread wear and an uncomfortable ride. Besides that, the excess dragging makes the car use more gas.

If the misalignment problem persists for an extended period, the car will experience premature tire wear and tear. The depreciation makes the wheels unsafe on the road. I recommend visiting your local Valvoline center to correct the wheel alignment issue.

It will relieve the suspensions from undue stress and the expensive cost of repair. Every driver should watch out for any signs of wheel misalignment and seek immediate correction. I

t is the best way to avoid issues caused by tire misalignment issues. Valvoline has a team of technicians with knowledge and experience in the sector. They offer high-quality wheel alignment service at an affordable rate.

Final Thoughts on Valvoline Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment helps to enhance a better driving experience. The vehicle alignment issue cannot be undertaken by anyone without skills and experience in the sector.

Valvoline is among the few auto repair service center that offers vehicle alignment service. Thanks to the vast number of experienced and skilled technicians with modern equipment.

Tire alignment enhances optimal drivability, wheels longevity, smooth rides, and fuel efficiency. It also ensures all the wheels are pointed in the right direction to reduce road risks.