are alternators universal

Are Alternators Universal?

All vehicles with internal combustion engines have alternators. The instrument helps to keep the engine running and also recharge the car battery. An alternator has a belt running around and fix to the front of the car engine. Are alternators universal? In short, No. Alternators come with different Amps and mounting configurations. Consider buying an …

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vinyl wrap vs plasti dip

Vinyl Wrap vs Plasti Dip

Vinyl Wrap vs Plasti Dip If you are looking to protect your car, the best option would be to use a plasti dip or a vinyl wrap. A vinyl wrap is a cover you put on your vehicle if you don’t want to maintain the car’s original color. You can customize it to your liking, …

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straight pipe vs down pipe

Straight Pipe vs Downpipe

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a loud turbo for your car, then deciding whether to have a straight pipe or a downpipe is very important. In short, A straight pipe is an exhaust system without a catalytic or mufflers converter.  It includes straight lines that run from the exhaust headers to …

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why land cruisers costs so much

Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive?

Land cruisers are among the leading off-road vehicles that give users a sense of luxury along with premium features and requirements. But land cruisers are super expensive when compared to other Toyota models on the road. So, why are land cruisers so expensive? In short, Toyota Land Cruisers has a higher resale value, durable construction …

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eco button on a car meaning

What Does Eco Mean on a Car?

The need for more improved, efficient, and eco-friendly cars means new features in every new car. It’s no surprise that you will look on your dashboard and see a button that you don’t know and don’t understand what it does. Car manufacturers are equipping new cars with new technological innovations at a speed hard to …

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