do diesel cars have catalytic converters

Do Diesel Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converters were developed as a response to the need for a cleaner environment through reducing dangerous emissions from vehicles. They first came out in the 1970s specifically for gasoline engines. Do diesel engines have Catalytic converters though? We are going to explore this topic in this article. Diesel engines are known to be stronger …

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who makes supertech oil

Who makes SuperTech Oil? (Answered!)

Oil is a major part of our daily existence. It is a lubricant that runs our industry and vehicles. In this article, we are going to be looking at one of the major players in this space, the makers of SuperTech Oil. SuperTech oil is one of the well-known automobile oil that is regarded as …

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Flex Fuel vs Ecoboost (Real Differences)

Most of us have heard the terms flex-fuel and Ecoboost but don’t really understand their meaning. Before you start investing in a vehicle, you must understand where you are investing. You must think, does it matter if you are buying Ecoboost or flex-fuel? And for that, you need to know what they mean and how …

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fender vs quarter panel

Quarter Panel vs Fender

Most people feel that the quarter panel and fender are the same things, but in reality, there are differences between the two. In this article, we will discuss in detail the fender and the quarter panel. Let us go straight to the discussion regarding what is the difference between the quarter panel and the fender. …

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What Does Diesel Smell Like?

The smell of diesel fuel has been a topic of debate for a very long time. Some people like the odor of the fuel, while some people can not stand the smell. In this article, I tried to answer the simple question regarding what diesel smells like. Read on to find how does the fuel …

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