Car Bouncing Up and Down

The following article will provide you with some possible explanations of why your car is bouncing up and down and provide solutions. Over time, there are several things that contribute to your car bouncing up and down. One of the most prominent contributors is the age and the type of suspension system installed on your car. In this article I am going to go through some of the common causes that cause your vehicle to bounce up and down, lets jump straight to it.

Car Bouncing Up and Down Common Causes

In short, Your car is bouncing up and down because of Bad Shocks, Tires Pressure problems, Poor alignment, Damaged Ball Joints, Faulty Steering Wheel, or Bad Suspension. These are the most common causes for a Bumpy Ride.

1. Bad Shock absorbers:

When the wheels of your car bounce, this is usually caused by a problem with the shock absorbers. The shock absorber protects your tires from the road and helps to absorb the energy that would otherwise cause you to skid. When your car bounces it can be due to a problem with your shock absorbers. These vehicles often need new shocks, struts, and springs installed.

2. Poor Wheel Alignment:

Another reason your car might bounce is a bad wheel alignment. When a wheel is misaligned they tend to be more susceptible to damage. This will allow the springs to move out of position and cause your wheels to bounce all over the place.

3. Broken Struts:

Another common reason your car bounces is the shocks in your suspension system. When this happens, the shock can cause your wheels to become unbalanced and leave them bouncing all over the place. If you experience this problem, it would be best to have your shocks replaced with new ones. This will not only help with bouncing up and down but will also improve the overall performance of your car.

4. Damaged Tires:

Bad tires will contribute to bouncing in your car. When you have bad tires, they tend to lose air quickly. This is due to the poor quality standards of the tires. Bad quality tires are usually too soft and become susceptible to damage.

5. Tire Pressure:

Tire pressure always plays an important role in your car performance. The tire pressure is generally affected by the weather condition, type of material, or weather conditions that are being used in the manufacturing of these tires, age of tire being used, and others. Also, it is always crucial to ensure you have the right pressure for your tires, the best way to do it is by using a Tire pressure gauge.

6. Bad Suspension:

A bad suspension can cause your car to bounce. These vehicles will bounce up and down because of the poor suspension. If this is the case, you need to have your suspension checked for any damage or leaks. Once you have that done replace it if necessary.

7. Hitting Road Bumps:

If you hit some road bumps, then your car may be subjected to an automatic bouncing movement .

8. Faulty steering wheel system:

Another reason your car may be bouncing is because of the faulty steering wheel system. When this happens, the vehicle bounces up and down making it difficult for you to drive. If this is the case, you need to have your steering wheel replaced with a new one.

9. Damaged Ball Joints:

Another reason your car may be bouncing all over the place is due to the damaged ball joints. When this happens, your vehicle will not be able to maintain a straight and smooth way. If this is the case, you need to have your ball joints checked and when necessary replace them with new ones.

How to Stop Your Car from Bouncing

Get New Quality Shock Absorbers:

If your car is bouncing, chances are than your shocks need to be replaced. When you have new shocks, the springs will no longer move out of position and that will minimize or eliminate bouncing in your vehicle. You can also get new ones that are designed to reduce bounce, but this would increase the price of the car by about 20%.

Get a Proper Wheel Alignment:

A good wheel alignment will minimize or eliminate bouncing. When the wheels are not aligned, your springs are forced to move out of position thus causing your vehicle to bounce back and forth.

Replace Broken Struts:

The best way to eliminate this issue is by replacing the old suspension components with new ones. When you have new struts, there will no longer be any problems with bounce in your car.

Get Suitable Quality Tires:

When your tires are old, they will stretch out over time, resulting in reduced traction. This will result in your car bouncing up and down. The best way to stop this is by getting suitable quality tires that can help increase the life of your vehicle.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

When you have old tires, they become too soft thus resulting to them losing air quickly. This will make them lose their grip on the road thus causing your car to bounce all over the place. When you have new tires, make sure to check the air pressure first before driving your vehicle completely.

Take the vehicle to the nearest mechanic to check suspension:

For the suspension system, the main component is the strut and the spring, which will give it an up and down movement. The strut and spring can be bought for custom fit suspension.

However, if you do not know how to make these adjustments, it is recommended that you hire a professional mechanic to do them for you. Another option is to use a lift like this one to gain clearance. This will give your car the clearance needed for such adjustments as well as ensure that all parts can be used during assembly.

Conclusion on Car Bouncing Up and Down when Driving

To avoid having your car bounce up and down, you need to take action immediately. Many of the issues that could lead to this issue are easily fixable by anyone with basic mechanical knowledge.

Most people do not know how to check their shocks or see if their tires are losing air. These are very simple fixes that anyone can do. The most common issues that cause bouncing in cars come from the suspension system.