Cadillac STS-V Problems

Cadillac STS-V is one of the most unique and reliable Cadillac models. It comes with innovative features and advanced technology that boosts comfort and performance. This Cadillac model is a perfect way to get the highest luxury and unparalleled value.

Buying this car will truly bring you a thrilling riding experience. Now, if you want to buy a Cadillac STS-V car, you might be wondering whether it has any problems before making a significant move.

The truth is that like any other vehicle, Cadillac STS-V may develop a few problems, depending on how you use it. Here, we’ll discuss the most common problems you are likely to experience with Cadillac STS-V.

Cadillac STS-V Common Problems

Steering Wheel Angle Sensor May Fail

The steering wheel angle sensor is an essential component for your car’s stability. This means that your car will have stability issues if the sensor is failing. While this component is usually designed to last the car’s lifetime, it can wear out or fail completely in some vehicles.

Unfortunately, most factors that contribute to the failure of the steering wheel angle sensor are beyond the driver’s control. You can easily know when the steering position sensor is failing through signs like a loose steering wheel and traction control light that come on.

If your car drives differently after a front engagement, it could also indicate a failure of the steering wheel angle sensor. The best way to solve this problem is to contact a professional mechanic to diagnose it and confirm whether it’s time to change the steering angle sensor.

Rear Axle Pinion Seal May Leak

The rear axle pinion seal is an essential part of the car as it prevents fluid from flowing out of the differential. However, the Cadillac STS-V rear pinion seal wears out faster due to exposure to road pebbles and submersion to muddy waters.

In most cases, the rear pinion seal doesn’t always get regular maintenance as required, as most drivers usually ignore the undercarriage. As the rubber wears out, the rear axle pinion functionality decreases and starts causing leakages.

Some of the signs that indicate a leaking rear pinion fluid include whining noise when the vehicle is moving and low fluid levels. You can avoid this problem by including the rear axle pinion seal in your car maintenance routine. If the seal is already worn out, you’ll need to call a professional to replace it as soon as possible before it damages the other parts of your valuable Cadillac STS-V.

Failure of DRL Bulbs and Front Turn Signal

Have your Cadillac STS-V’s DRL bulbs and front turn signal failed? Don’t worry, as this is a common problem in most STS-V versions. In many vehicles, the front turn signal and daytime light bulbs are susceptible to premature failure. If your front turn signal and DRL bulbs are not working properly or the turn signal indicator blinks very fast, you may want to schedule a lighting inspection.

Limited Trunk Space

This is a common problem in the 2009 and 2008 Cadillac STS-V versions. Most users feel that the midsize luxury car versions should have bigger trunk space. To solve this problem, you can maximize the available space in the car.

For example, you can fill under the seats with a few things to increase the cargo space. But you’ll want to ensure that you are not making your backseat passengers uncomfortable. Under-seat spaces work well when carrying children as they have short legs.

Automatic Transmission

Only Unlike other Cadillac models like the CT4-V and CT5-V that offer a manual transmission, STS-V has an automatic transmission only. Some people prefer manual transmission due to lower prices, better gas mileage, and easy maintenance.

It’s so unfortunate that the supercharged Cadillac STS-V offers automatic transmission only. So, if you love manual cars and want to invest in a decent model, the STS-V isn’t your go-to option. You’ll need to consider other models in the industry.

Coolant Issues

While this doesn’t happen to all models, it is common in older STS-Vs like the 2006 and 2007 versions. Coolant problems are quite risky as your engine could overheat or cause permanent damage to piston welding and cylinders. Some users report that the problem persists even after changing the water pump and thermostat. It’s also common to see air pockets once you open the cooling system.

Is Cadillac STS-V Expensive to Maintain?

No Cadillac STS-V isn’t really expensive to maintain compared to most luxury midsize cars for various vehicle brands. The average cost of maintaining an STS-V is $669 per year, cheaper than the $739 required annually to maintain luxury mid-size vehicles. If you want to buy a Cadillac STS-V, the maintenance cost shouldn’t be a concern. You should only worry about which version suits your needs best.

Is the Cadillac STS-V a Good Car?

Yes, Cadillac STS-V is certainly a landmark car designed to offer extra comfort and superior performance. This is an executive car with a superb interior to make your riding dreams come true. It also has some unique specs that are absent in the standard STS.

For instance: there is a cooler for the rear differential oil positioned on the lower side of the vehicle behind the third member. However, some versions can be quite troublesome, especially when not given regular service. The best way to make your Cadillac STS-V is by providing it with proper maintenance.


While Cadillac STS-V is one of the most unique and dependable Cadillac models, it still has several issues that many owners complain about. Whether you want to buy a new or used Cadillac STS-V, it’s essential to keep the above common problems in mind.

The luxurious car will deliver incredible comfort, but like every other vehicle, it will require some repairs from time to time. Nonetheless, if you give your Cadillac proper care and maintenance, it will serve you for many years without demanding a lot of repairs.