Pedal Commander Problems (Explained)

Do you have a Pedal Commander or are thinking of getting one? In this post, we are going to look at the Pedal Commander problems that are most commonly associated with it and possible fixes.

The Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller giving the driver more control over the vehicle’s responsiveness to acceleration when stepping on the gas pedal. This could mean instant acceleration for that sportier feel or slower response for that economic fuel-efficient drive.

In terms of reliability, the Pedal Commander comes backed by a CARB certification, CE, TUV, E24, ISO 9001, and ISO 140001 certifications. This lending greater credibility to its safety and reliability according to the device’s site.

The device is said to work within safety parameters, so the vehicle it is installed in is never at risk. Having it installed can improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 20%.

Pedal Commander only unlocks the performance reserved by the manufacturer, switches on when you need the power, and will not push your vehicle beyond its original safety measures.

The Pedal Commander does not increase the vehicle’s horsepower but it does give you control over the response it has to your gas pedal. It is relatively easy to install, in about 15 minutes, since it’s a plug-and-play installation that connects to your gas pedal.

Problems With a Pedal Commander

There is a complaint that even though it does deliver what it promises it does so at a hefty price. The reasoning is that for the same value one can afford mods to the car that can deliver more value and they propose a valuation of about $150 as opposed to the +$300 price tag.

Some complaints involve the whole dash lighting up as soon the PC is installed. One customer had issues after installing and removed it and the system went back to normal after removing it.

They tried again after a week and the same issue persisted. The PC has the problem of causing the computer to read out low oil pressure and results in the vehicle slowing or operating in limp mode. This was a problem experienced over time.

It provides the promised boost in performance but after some time it will stall causing issues with the vehicle’s computer. Apart from putting, the car into limp mode, there has been an issue with the fuel efficiency. Multiple complaints have been lodged concerning this problem.

A drop in mileage tends to be resolved once the PC is removed. Although there are instances, whereupon its remove there are still acceleration issues with the Pedal commander. Some customers have reported that the PC can be unresponsive in some modes.

In ECO one customer even called it, “dangerous to use on the road…” and they claimed a rise in fuel from 13L/100km to 23L/km. This flies against its promise of about 20% increased fuel efficiency.

How it works

Modern vehicles have throttle by wire system, with no mechanics and everything working thanks to a positioning sensor, found in the acceleration system. It sends the foot pressure information to the vehicle’s computer.

In turn, the computer deduces the information, making the engine generate the requisite power. The Pedal Commander serves as an intermediary between the sensor and computer.

It takes the sensor information and changes it, telling the computer you have pressed the gas pedal differently than you actually did. The result is faster acceleration with less force to the gas pedal. Different Modes of the Pedal Commander The Pedal Commander has 4 modes: ·

  • ECO
  • CITY
  • SPORT +

Each mode with 8 different levels.

ECO – makes for smooth and steady acceleration and uses 25% of the engine power. It incorporates it in 50% of gas pedal depression, not limiting the acceleration.

CITY – slight boost across the first 10% of the gas pedal depression, after which there is a smooth transition to high speeds.

SPORT – while not recommend in densely populated areas, one should be very alert in this mode. It rises to full throttle as soon as it pushes past 50% pedal depression.

SPORT PLUS – This is not for the inexperienced driver as it packs the most power of the four modes. You will need some practice before using this mode in traffic. At 30% pedal depression, this mode will pack the full power of your engine.


The Pedal Commander is a device that will deliver what it promises and has a high price point for some; while for others, it matches what it delivers. Tuning is always an option.

Some vehicles seem to have compatibility issues with the devices which are unfortunate and but the manufacturers seem to have new versions which might be better adaptable to address issues.