Do Headers Make Your Car Louder?

Modifying a vehicle is a demanding job, and it should not be taken lightly. Not only do you require a lot of commitment and money to undertake such a project, but you need the right kind of knowledge to succeed. A lot of times you see car enthusiasts applying the wrong mods for the wrong reasons and they end up destroying their vehicle.

They go for it as long as it looks cool, which is not the wisest approach. You don’t want to be that guy, and that’s why you are here, to find out, ‘Do headers make your car louder?’

The answer is both a yes and no. How’s that possible? Let’s dive in deeper and find out:

Headers as a Modification

In Short, Yes, exhaust headers can enhance your car’s sound. However, that is not their primary purpose. Headers are used to extract more performance out of a vehicle, and the increased sound that you might witness, in some cases, is usually because of an increase in power.

How Do Headers Help Amplify the Engine’s Sound?

Well, the secret lies in the way they function. Exhaust headers must be free-flowing, in that they should allow gases to leave the engine block as quickly as possible. The sooner the gases leave, the faster the combustion process can begin again.

All of that ultimately leads to a higher horsepower rating for your car. Interestingly, headers are installed to one side of the engine block. So, when combustion happens, all the leftover waste is taken out in the environment via the headers and exhaust pipes.

Since the headers are directly connected to the motor, you get a loud exhaust sound by installing a better one. Performance headers are thinner, and the gases flow easily through them, so they make the car sound louder than normal. The type of sound you get is also determined by the headers.

More specifically, by the exhaust header’s length. You can get some that are short, medium-length, or very long. Then some are of equal length, and others have an unequal length. So, when you are looking to buy one for your vehicle, make sure you have researched the type of header you want.

Available Options

Since the exhaust headers don’t always make your car sound louder, you might have to search for other alternatives. Here is what you can do to change the sound of your vehicle:

Remove the Muffler

If you want to make your vehicle sound loud, you should think about removing the muffler. The muffler, as its name suggests, dampens the sound that comes from the engine.

So, you don’t get to listen to the sweet-sounding engine all the time, and instead, you listen to a more neighbor-friendly version. Remove the muffler, and you have a loud car that wakes up the neighborhood every time you start your vehicle in the morning.

Electronic By-Pass Valve Technology

is the most powerful tool you have if you want to make your car sound loud. Nowadays, you can buy a by-pass valve off of the internet that allows you to increase or decrease your car’s sound on will.

The small component must be installed in your exhaust pipes after the catalytic converter and just before the muffler or resonator. Once you have welded the piece in place, you have to connect its wiring to the car and install a switch within your dashboard.

The result is that you can increase the volume or tone it down whenever you want. When you want it loud, press the button, and the valve will open, allowing all the exhaust gases to leave through the valve and into the air.

On the contrary, when you are driving in your neighborhood, you can simply shut off the valve and let the muffler do its work. It is the best modification you will ever make, and it doesn’t cost as much as other options. After all, who doesn’t want a straight-piped loud exhaust on their vehicle?

Conclusion on Do Headers Make a Car Louder

In essence, a header will make your car louder but not as much as other modifications. If you are worried about the law, you should consider checking in with the authorities to ensure you are on the right track. Moreover, if you are searching for a louder sound rather than gaining performance, you should look into buying a muffler or a resonator for your car.