are nissan cars good

Are Nissans Good Cars? (Detailed Explanation)

Generally speaking, Nissan is a Japanese car brand that’s quite unknown to the general public. Truth be told, the brand is not actually that new but they’re still quite new to our shores and even if they haven’t been around for as long as other brands, they’ve managed to create a few very unique and … Read more

volvo maintenance costs

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain (Explained!)

Volvo Car Corporation is a Swedish manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks, and construction equipment. The name Volvo is derived from the Latin language word “volvere”, meaning “to roll” since 1936 because that was the year when the company was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson one major complaint about Volvos is that they are … Read more

engine oil comparison

10w50 vs 10w40

Engine oil protects the engine against wear and tear, reducing friction and heat. The more powerful the engine, the higher grade oil required to protect it. When an engine is brand new, you should use a 5 or 5W-30 weight of oil, then switch to a 10W-40 after approximately 1,000 miles. You can continue with … Read more

10w40 vs 20w50

10w40 vs 20w50

Vehicle engines are not designed to work on oil of one type and one type only. Manufacturers mix and match different oils for different engine types, temperature ranges, gasoline octanes, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that will work in all situations for all vehicles. The automobile industry has a classification system that is used … Read more

10w40 vs 20w40

10w40 vs 20w40: Which One is Better?

As we all know, Engine oil is very important to keep an engine running, without it, the engine would not be able to function as all the metal parts within the engine such as the camshafts and bearings would begin to grind against each other and wear out the engine almost instantaneously by giving a … Read more