Why are Subarus So Expensive?

Subarus are one of the most popular cars on the market, but many people wonder why they are so expensive. Subaru has been making cars for over 60 years and is known to produce a reliable cars with fantastic safety features as well as excellent fuel economy.

These two main factors demonstrate that Subaru is a company that values its customers and employees. However, the cost of these cars can be quite an obstacle for some people. In this article, we are going to go over other factors that make Subarus expensive read on.

Why are Subarus so expensive?

In short, Subarus are so expensive because they have a lot of advantages over other cars and SUVs. The Flat engines, symmetric AWD system, low maintenance costs, and phenomenal safety features are the main reasons Subarus are so expensive to buy.

Here are the main reasons Subarus comes at a high cost:

1. Come with All Wheel Drive System as Standard:

Subarus are the only cars to come standard with an AWD system. This comes in handy if you live in a snowy climate or have bad roads with a lot of potholes. An all-wheel-drive system allows for more stability and control in adverse weather conditions.

Most affordable vehicles on the market come equipped with a front-wheel drive which is much less complicated and cheap to create. Subarus all wheel drive system is permanent which means all wheels receive power at the same time which gives the vehicle grip and great handling abilities.

2. Flat Subaru Engines are Great and Unique:

Subaru engines are unique from other cars. They are flat and square. Flat means the engine doesn’t have V-shaped cylinders, so it doesn’t respond to its throttle as well. This makes Subarus engines more efficient and allows for better MPG than comparable front-wheel-drive vehicles without AWD systems. Flat engines are expensive to manufacture and provides reliability and more power than most common standard engines.

3. Higher-than-average maintenance costs:

Subarus are known to be the most reliable and quiet cars on the market. This comes because Subarus are built with AWD as standard which require less maintenance than vehicles that only have front-wheel drive. With less maintenance, Subarus mean lower cost of ownership.

4. Better performance:

Subaru flat engines are a great performance engine design, they have considerably more power than standard engines which makes them more appealing to consumers.

5. Good Value:

Unlike other cars, Subaru’s have a reputation for being cheaper to own than most other vehicles on the market despite having a high price tag. This is because of their superior safety features, well-designed and incredibly reliable AWD systems as well as being one of the best fuel economy vehicles on the market.

6. Fun to Drive:

The Subaru model line are known for their sporty and fun to drive nature. This comes from the flat engines as well as Subaru’s reputation for being one of the most reliable vehicles on the market. The fact that Subarus come standard with all-wheel drive systems makes them even more fun to drive than other vehicles.

7. Great for Snow:

If you live in a place that sees a lot of snow or very cold weather, Subaru’s are known to be the best vehicles to own. As previously stated all Subarus come standard with AWD which is great if you need extra traction in the snow or on icy roads. The flat engines start up easily in the cold and allow for a better climb on difficult terrain.

8. Great Safety technology:

Subaru is known for its amazing safety features. This comes from the Standard all-wheel-drive system as well as the flat engines which have the ability to go down when there is an impact which can help to absorb the impact in a collision.

Conclusion on why Subarus are Expensive

As you can see there are many reasons why Subarus are so expensive to purchase. However, if you have a Subaru that is low mileage and has low miles on its engine, it becomes much less expensive to own.

However, it is still considered one of the most expensive vehicles on the market. And as with any vehicle the more miles you put on your Subaru the more it becomes less valuable and more affordable.