What Fuse to Pull to Disable a Car? (Solved!)

In this article, I am going to tell you the best fuse to disable in a car to avoid being stollen and many more, Read on!

What Fuse to Pull to Disable a Car?

In short, a fuel pump fuse is the quickest way to disable the vehicle from starting. Other vital fuses are coil packs and electrical control units. These fuses prevent the car from starting until they are back to their respective places.

But it can be challenging to prevent a disabled car from being towed. The best option is to park the car in an area with adequate security. Disabling a vehicle by pulling fuses prevents the security alarm from alerting the owner. Keep reading to learn how to disable a car with or without opening the hood.

You’ll also get to know if pulling the fuse might damage the car battery. Seek assistance from a professional mechanic to prevent hurting the electrical system of the vehicle.

What Fuse to Pull to Make a Car not Start?

Theft cases have put many car owners on the toss. Some people have opted to hire a security team to protect their cars from being stolen. But this seems inevitable since thieves use sophisticated techniques to get away with a car.

The best option is to disable the vehicle by removing a fuse from the ignition system. It prevents the power from reaching the starter solenoid. Below are some of the most effective and efficient ways for disabling a vehicle without getting caught:

Fuel Pump Fuse

Removal of the fuel pump fuse usually disables the fuel system. It cuts the power connecting the fuel pump, injector, and spark plugs. The technique ends up immobilizing the car completely.

Ignition Switch Fuse

The device is located in the steering column plays a vital role in starting the car. Removing the fuse from the box disables the vehicle from running temporarily. It is the quickest and easiest method to consider.

Multi-Coil Pack

Most modern vehicles have a coil-on-plug ignition system. The technology makes it easier to prevent the car from being stolen. You’ll need to unplug the multi-coil pack to disable the vehicle from starting.

Remove the Engine Control Unit Fuse

ECU is a computer system that controls the electronics in an automotive. Removing the ECU fuse will make the car disable from starting. The gadget is located in the engine bay next to the battery.

Remove Spark Plug Cables

Removing the spark plug wires cut the power for enhancing combustion and starting the engine. These cables are usually under the car hood and should be handled with precautions to prevent causing further damages.

What is the Easiest Way to Disable a Car?

Spray Water to the Air Intake System

Damp air filters make it challenging to drive the vehicle. But the technique might cause more harm by damaging the air intake system and blocking the evacuator valves. The method requires adequate water to drench the air intake system.

Clog the Air Filters

Blocked air passage prevents the engine from running. The engine relies on air from the atmosphere to enhance combustion with gasoline. If the air filters are blocked, the car won’t start at all.

Disconnect the Battery Wires

It is the old-school method that is still more effective. Disconnecting the battery cables will immobilize the car completely.

Block the Exhaust System

Blocking the exhaust gases from getting out through the tailpipe will prevent air from getting into the combustion chambers. The engine won’t generate power to enable the car to start or run.

Deflate the Tires

Deflating the tires can be a tedious task but effective in disabling the vehicle without opening the hood and messing up with things. Ensure all the air is let out through the valve stem.

Is It Safe to Remove a Fuse?

Yes. It won’t hurt the vehicle. The best option is to remove and leave it out. But it will immobilize the car from starting or running.

Can I Drive a Car without a Fuse?

No. A fuse is a vital gadget when it comes to completing the circuit in a vehicle. Open circuits prevent power circulation and inhibit the engine from running.

What Happen When You Remove a Car Fuse?

The car won’t start. But removing the fuses and leaving them out won’t hurt the vehicle. The technique is ideal for preventing car theft cases.

Conclusion on What Fuse to Pull to Disable a Car?

Pulling the fuse  from the car is one of the ways to disable it. The technique is useful for those car owners living in areas prone to theft cases. The method will help you save from paying huge amounts of premiums from insurance companies.

The other methods listed in the article are also proven to be effective and efficient in immobilizing the vehicle completely. Choose the tip that suits your needs and location. Keep in mind that some techniques might damage your ride.