Tesla Model S Towing Capacity (Explained)

Ever wondered about a Tesla Model S’ towing capacity? Well, wonder no longer. In this post, we will be talking about just that. In the American market, it may be a somewhat strange thing to think about toeing with a sedan but this is quite common in some parts of the world like Europe, Australia, Africa and other places.

The fact that you are reading this article is an indicator that you are well aware of the ability of the Tesla model S to tow. But just how much are you able to tow in it though? How far can you push the Model S when it comes to towing?

Well, the Tesla model S can be fitted with a tow hitch that has a 2000 pound towing capacity. This means that you can use your Tesla Model S to tow things like small trailers and even small boats without much of a problem.

Teslas have a unique advantage when compared to other regular vehicles and that is the fact that they have superior starting torque.

The motors on a Tesla are able to deliver instant torque as opposed to gasoline powered engines which need to reach a certain number of RPMs to deliver the right amount needed when towing.

This means that you are able to tow weights well in access on the 2000 pounds rating that the tow hitch has, in principle, but you will most likely have to sacrifice range as this will put more strain on the motors and subsequently the batteries.

Does Tesla Model S Come With Hitch?

As the mid size sedan offering from Tesla, the model S does not come with the ability to tow but there are aftermarket solutions that allow you to install a tow hitch for towing trailers as well as putting in a bike rack. The most popular solution on the market seems to be the Ecohitch.

It has a 2000 pound towing capacity or 300 to 400 pound capacity at the ball hitch based on the option you select.

The installation process is relatively simple and can be a single-person job but an extra set of hands will definitely be of benefit. I few were to rate the installation job on a scale of 1 to 10, it will probably be a 5 or 6.

It’s pretty much a straightforward job with the most difficult part is installing the trailer lights wiring. Because the model S does not come equipped with trailer light wiring, you have to install it and it comes with its own power source that connects to the 12v battery.

in order to do this, you have to run some wires underneath the car all the way to the battery. There are several options available on the market and they cost somewhere in the $140 to $160 price range.

Can a Tesla Model S Pull a Trailer?

There are no official numbers when it comes to how much you can tow with a Tesla Model S as the company has not submitted any information to suggest just how much a Model S is able to tow.

The figures we have to go by are from aftermarket tow hitch and hook manufactures who rate the tow capacity at around 2000 pounds.

In essence, a Tesla is capable of towing a trailer as long it has a tow hitch fitted. Towing anything on a Tesla, or any vehicle for that matter, will have a negative impact on the range.

Several factors will apply when you are considering just how much additional power will be consumed. The first of these will obviously be the weight. Towing any additional weight will require that you you expend more battery power meaning that the range is significantly reduced.

Another key factor will be aero dynamics. A common thing that leads to high battery consumption is anything that causes drag on your trailer. The more the drag, the greater the power consumption which ultimately reduces your range.

Can a Tesla pull an Airstream?

One of the most common things people want to tow would be a camper. Is it possible to tow an Airstream using the Model S? Unfortunately, this is not possible. The lightest airstream weighs 2,500 pounds which lies outside the 2,000 pounds towing capacity.

In actual practice, you might be able to tow an airstream but you will be putting an awful lot of strain on your Tesla. The Model X or Cybertruck should have no issues in this department though as the Airstream and most other campers are well within their abilities.

Can Tesla Model S tow a boat?

The Model S is definitely capable of towing a boat depending on the size. Ski boats start off at around 2000 pounds which is roughly the right weight when it comes to the towing capacity. Larger boats such as speed boats may be another story altogether though as they weigh around 8000 pounds.


So, there you have it, the average towing capacity is an unofficial 2,000 pounds though in practice, it may actually be slightly more. Tesla has not given out actual numbers as far as towing capacity is concerned as the Model S is not primarily intended for towing.