How to Start a Ford F150 Without Key (Explained)

If you are in a fix and wondering how to start a Ford F150 without a key then you are in the right place. In this post, we will be talking about how you can get your F150 to start if you don’t have the key in your possession.

Now, there are several reasons that you would want to start your vehicle without a key (assuming it’s yours and you are not reading this post for any crime-related reasons).

You may have lost your keys or they don’t work anymore for some reason or the other. Assuming you have access to the car, you have several options available to you.

How to Start an F150 without a key

If you have a newer Ford F150, there are at least 2 applications that can be used to start your car with your phone. There is also an option of using a special access code that unlocks your vehicle. In older models that don’t use a transponder key, you will be able to start your car using a flat head screwdriver though this method will not work on all F150s from this era.

If you have an older Ford F150, it can get to a place where the groves in the ignition system get worn out. Under these circumstances, you will be able to start your truck using a flat head screwdriver. In order to do this, simply push in the screwdriver into the ignition then turn it the same way you would an ordinary key.

A caveat is that this method will not always work even for the same model year. It’s pretty much a matter of chance. If you can’t get it to start, the next best thing is to get it towed using a tow truck. For a newer truck, it is almost impossible to start your F150 without a key.

You will need to call in a locksmith who can program a new one for you. A major reason that it’s impossible to start without a key is that they have an anti-theft function that prevents anyone from stealing it.

How to Start a Ford F150 Remotely

A way that does work when it comes to stating your F150 without a key is to use the Key FOB. You can use it to start your truck remotely without actually being inside the car. This is a feature that is becoming more and more commonplace in several vehicles other than the F150.

How do I get into my locked Ford F150?

To start your older F150, you will need to be able to access your car first. Older F150s did not have a remote start or key FOBs. They either used transponder keys or the older type of keys. If this describes your situation and you are looking to get into your vehicle, here is a method you could consider using.

It’s called the auto jiggler method. It involves buying what is known as a jiggler key. These can be obtained in auto shops or online.

The jiggler key has to be the size of your normal key and be able to fit in your keyhole. When you put the key correct key in a lock and it refuses to open the lock, you will usually jiggle it around until it eventually opens. The jiggler keys work in the same way.

They are cut to imitate the general arrangement of keys. When you put it in the door lock and jiggle it, it tricks the gears in the lock into lining up and eventually opening the door.

You can get a jiggler key on Amazon if they are not readily available in your area. In such a case, you need to make sure that the one you are purchasing will work on your specific Ford F150 model year.

How to Get into Newer Ford F150

If you have a newer model F150 and have the FordPass App installed on your phone, you can use it to access your vehicle. You need to also have FordPass Connect activated for this to work properly. To do this open your FordPass app and tap Home. A vehicle option menu will appear.

Select the Ford F150. Once you have done this, select the Unlock button. Hold it down until the circle starts spinning. When this happens, your vehicle will unlock.


If you own a newer model of the Ford F150, the chances of you being able to start it without a key are basically zero. A sophisticated anti-theft system ensures that the F150 cannot be started.

The only options you have at this point are to call in a locksmith to program a new key or get it towed to your dealer who will be able to program a new key FOB for you.

If, however, you own an older vehicle, the chances of you being able to start it without a key improve drastically. In selected cases, you will be able to use a basic flat head screwdriver to start your vehicle.