Does Tesla Have A Check Engine Light? (Things to Know)

You might have bought your first Tesla and started driving without reading the manual to understand the warning lights symbols. The check engine light is among these warning lights that can trigger unnecessary adrenaline spikes in some drivers.

So, does Tesla have a check engine light? Tesla vehicles have a check engine light on the dashboard to display the traction motor and inverter system functions (although Teslas have motors instead of a combustion engine).

The Tesla check engine light inspection may sound simple, but you need to know one or two things before calling a professional mechanic. The information in this article will help save money since some check engine light issues can be minor.

Is the Tesla Warning Light a Serious Issue?

The Tesla check engine light warning may or may not be serious. But every responsible driver needs to pull over immediately and turn off the vehicle. It helps to avoid severe and expensive damage to the car.

A flashing check engine light accompanied by oil and temperature warning lights could spell trouble. Ignoring these warning lights will increase the risk of road carnage and other serious problems.

If the Tesla check engine light is not showing, it could be due to a blown-out fuse or damaged electrical relay. These electrical malfunctions will hinder the overall car performance and driving experience.

We recommend hiring a professional mechanic with experience in electric vehicles to inspect and diagnose the check engine light on your Tesla. It will help prevent the engine from a misfire and other problems.

Can I Reset My Tesla Check Engine Light?

You can reset the Tesla check engine light by turning the ignition on and off several times. Another method is to disconnect the car battery and reconnect it after some minutes to resolve the issue.

As simple as resetting the Tesla check engine light may sound, it is prudent to identify the cause and fix it first. Otherwise, the check engine light warning may reappear while driving your Tesla.

But if you have fixed all the problems and the check engine light still displays on your dashboard, the car computer needs a little nudge.

The tweaks will inform the computer system that everything is fine. We recommend buying an OBD II Scanner to inspect the Tesla check engine light causes and fix them. The instrument is inexpensive and comes with pretty easy instructions to follow.

What Does A Solid Tesla Check Engine Light Mean?

A solid Tesla check engine light indicates a loose fuel cap, transmission failure, and motor malfunction. We recommend pulling over the vehicle for safety purposes and to avoid further expensive damages.

The experience might be traumatic if it is your first time. But do not panic while pulling over your Tesla. Take the time to inspect your vehicle to identify the causes and fix them. Consider a professional mechanic to resolve complicated issues.

Can You Drive with a Tesla Warning Light?

We do not recommend driving your Tesla while the check engine light is on. You will be putting your life at risk and further damaging vital electrical components.

Pulling over your Tesla Asap will help avoid road crashes and expensive damages in the long run. But the check engine light could be an indicator of something minor.


If you have read to this point, your Tesla might have experienced check engine light warnings. I hope this article helped you identify the cause and fixing techniques.

Most Tesla check engine light warnings spell either minor or severe problems. We recommend inspecting your vehicle to identify the exact cause and fix it. The best alternative is to hire a professional mechanic to inspect the Tesla and diagnose the problem. The service fee is affordable and worth the value.