Does Tesla have an Engine? (Here are the Facts)

It has proved to be one of the most innovative vehicles of the market to date and greatly changed public perception of what an electric vehicle can deliver but does Tesla have an engine?

It’s a weird question to ask but since you are reading this, we would assume a relevant one :). Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is a disruptor when you look at his track record.

In one of his interviews, he stated that one of the reasons he has come up with so many groundbreaking inventions and innovations is that he considers function over form. What he meant was that most of us look at what already exists when determining the next step in its evolution.

He, on the other hand, considers the function first. In so doing, he can freely think outside of the box and come up with amazing products. I talk about this to bring home the fact that it is not a silly idea to ask whether Teslas s have engines.

Does Tesla have an Engine?

In short,  No, Teslas have motors, instead of engines, that propel them. Depending on the model, you will get either get one motor in out of production earlier models, two motors in all-wheel-drive versions as well as 3 motors in more recent options. The soon to be launched freight truck will have 4 motors.

What kind of Engine does a Tesla have?

Gasoline-powered cars use the internal combustion engine which produces motion by producing small “explosions” within the piston. These are timed to produce rotational motion which is manipulated via different components to produce motion.

Though these are not as efficient as electric motors, there have been vast improvements in technology over the past century. Regardless of this, there are still a lot of limitations when it comes to efficiency.

To get more power, you have to have a bigger engine. This is where electric motors have somewhat of an advantage. Teslas use AC induction motors which were invented by Nikola Tesla. They are a lot more efficient as well as powerful. This is evidenced by their ability to go from zero to 60 in about 3 seconds.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is able to do that in 2.07 while the Roadster does it in 1.9 seconds. The new Cyber truck is able to do those speeds in around 6 seconds also boasting some serious torque.

With internal combustion engines, you need to get the engine up to a specific number of RPMs in order to get maximum power. On the other hand, electric motors designed by Tesla don’t need to gather up power via RPMs but can immediately deliver sufficient levels of torque.

This has resulted in their light-duty pickup truck, the Cyber Truck competing with Lamborghinis when doing 0-60 miles/hr. Without a doubt, Tesla has brought superior innovation into the motor industry which has forced other more established manufacturers to sit up and take notice of the advances made.

With the US government pushing a green agenda and seeking to make gasoline-powered vehicles obsolete, there is faster movement in the EV field with Tesla leading the way.

Why Does Tesla Use an AC Motor?

When it comes to motors for EVs, Tesla has the option to use AC of DC motors. Why then do they use AC over DC? There are several reasons why they do so and here are some of them:

Greater Torque

An AC motor is able to generate greater torque relative to engine size. For this reason, Tesla uses AC motors over DC.

More Efficient

AC motors are definitely more efficient and are able to generate steady amounts of output and that is more stable even at high speeds.

Smaller Size

The size to power ratio of an AC engine is also a lot better than the DC alternative. This allows the overall weight of a Tesla to be significantly less the more the technology improves while generating significant levels of power.

How reliable is a Tesla Motor?

Tesla motors are designed to last well over 1 million miles. As it is a relatively new vehicle, none have made it that far yet but there are many that have easily crossed the 500,000-mile mark and still going strong.

If you get an internal combustion engine to last you to 200,000 miles, you’ve hit the jackpot. Tesla has not merely taken the next step in vehicle longevity but has effectively taken a quantum leap in this area. They have done phenomenally well and blown everyone else out of the water.

Conclusion on Does Tesla have an Engine

Without a doubt, Tesla has and is still making great advancements in the EV industry. While other manufacturers and apparently Apple, have gotten into the field, Tesla is clearly the leader in the field and this looks to the case for the foreseeable future.