overfilled engine oil

Overfilling Engine Oil by 1 Quart (What to Expect)

Engine oil is an integral part of your car’s operation. If there is no oil in your vehicle, it will lead to catastrophic engine failure. It is therefore important for the engine to always have sufficient levels of oil in it at all times. The main purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the metals …

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broken spark plugs

Can Bad Spark Plugs Cause Limp Mode?

Most of us have no idea regarding the limp mode. Let us get a clear idea about it. When you are driving like any other normal day, and suddenly you notice flashes in your dashboard. The car drives and works properly but it does not have any power. Now, you must wonder what is wrong …

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Can Alternator Drain Battery

Can Alternator Drain Battery?

When I bought my first car, I encountered several setbacks. The worse was my vehicle failing to start when I was rushing for an appointment. But I used to overlook the systems that run the engine and other electrical components. Can the alternator drain the battery?  In short, Yes. A malfunctioning alternator diode can create …

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chev cruze turbo problems

Chevy Cruze Turbo Problems

The Chevy Cruze had a decently good uptake in the US and international market. In this article, we are going to talk about Chevy Cruze turbo problems. This has been one of its most prominent issues from the time it hit the market until it stopped production in the USA. So, what exactly causes turbo …

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sts problems

Cadillac STS-V Problems

Cadillac STS-V is one of the most unique and reliable Cadillac models. It comes with innovative features and advanced technology that boosts comfort and performance. This Cadillac model is a perfect way to get the highest luxury and unparalleled value. Buying this car will truly bring you a thrilling riding experience. Now, if you want …

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