Flashing Check Engine Light then Stops

The check engine is a warning light that advises you to visit your local auto technician for an inspection of the issues that may be present with your car and to repair or correct them. There are many different reasons why the check engine light comes on, but some of the main ones include low …

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can a bad neutral safety switch cause shift problems

Can a Bad Neutral Safety Switch Cause Shift Problems?

What is the neutral safety switch? The neutral safety switch keeps your Subaru in gear when you’re not on the gas. It also prevents your car from rolling backward when you press on your brakes or when you’re stopped at a light. Without this safety feature, accidents could occur while the car is parked because …

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oil fouling spark plug

Oil Fouled Spark Plugs (Everything You Need to Know)

Spark plugs play an important role in engines and have been used for many years by car owners. Having a faulty or damaged spark plug is not something that will get noticed immediately but it can cause a lot of damage to your engine components. Therefore having an insight on what to look out for …

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how to fix hard car seats

How to Fix Uncomfortable Car Seats

Uncomfortable Car seats can make driving really hard and tedious, oftentimes than not most automotive manufactures try to make the seats comfortable but sometimes they get uncomfortable with time, Fortunately, there are certain things and tips you can make use of to make your vehicle seats comfortable. Why are car seats so uncomfortable? As seats …

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can you put air in nitrogen tires

Can You put Air in a Tire Filled with Nitrogen?

Traditionally, tires have been filled with air, which consists of a mixture of gases, primarily nitrogen, and oxygen. However, in recent years, the use of pure nitrogen in tires has gained popularity. Nitrogen is known for its larger molecular size, which reduces the likelihood of leakage compared to oxygen and other gases found in the …

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