can you mix red and green coolant

Can You Mix Red and Green Coolant?

Engines produce a lot of heat and the majority of it is wasted since the average thermal efficiency of an engine is around 35%. A large portion of this unwanted heat is emitted through the exhaust but the exhaust is not enough to get rid of a large amount of heat produced by an engine. … Read more

Battery Gauge Drops while Driving

Battery Gauge Drops while Driving

The battery is a mandatory component of the vehicle to run it. It provides power to the engine. Improper working of the battery can significantly affect the performance of your vehicle therefore it is suggested to maintain it in a timely. Due to the aging of the battery, it starts to wear out and its … Read more

3157 vs 3057 bulb

3157 vs 3057 Bulb

Technology has come a long way since the advent of a light bulb in 1879 and modern-day bulbs are way more efficient and better than their older counterparts. The same is true for bulbs fitted in cars, cars used to come with pair of bulbs that produced an inadequate amount of glow and created problems … Read more

Car Ac Compressor Cycles On and Off

How Often Should a Car Ac Compressor Cycle On and Off

Modern cars are equipped with a wide variety of features and amenities to make our journeys and driving experience more pleasant. One basic amenity that is standard in nearly all cars today is the air conditioning system which is commonly referred to as A/C. The a/c is an absolute necessity in our rapidly warming environment, … Read more

car starts rough

Car Starts Rough then Smooths Out

Every car is made to last a certain amount of time and manufacturers pay special attention to the longevity of certain crucial equipment in order to make sure that quality control parameters have been met. Some cars last longer than other cars, though the technical aspects of some cars make it near impossible for them … Read more