Can you fit 35s on a Trail Boss? (Explained!)

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide what tire to purchase. There are a lot of different size choices amongst many manufacturers and they all have their advantages and disadvantages The Trail Boss is a favorite amongst off-road enthusiasts.

Rugged, reliable and tough as nails, the Trail Boss and its 35 inch tires will take you anywhere you want to go. This monster truck shocks anyone who rides in it, yet it feels as comfortable on trails as it does driving down the street.

What are Trailboss Tires?

Stock trail boss tires are a great option for those who are looking to use their truck as a workhorse. They have an aggressive tread design, which provides a high level of traction and grip on the roadways. These tires also provide excellent handling, especially on dry roads and highways.

There is no doubt that these tires will help you get where you need to go without any problems. If you want to buy stock trail boss tires, then there are two things that you can do:

You can either go down to your local tire shop or ask for them or if you do not know where to look for them then try shopping online! You may be surprised at how much money you can save by buying these tires from an online retailer instead of going into a store.

Can you fit 35s on stock trail boss?

Yes, you can fit 35’s on a stock Trail Boss. The Trail Boss is a capable off-road truck and the 35’s will help it perform even better. The only downside to this decision is that your tires will likely rub when you turn full lock.

If you are determined to run 35’s on your Trail Boss and want to prevent rubbing, I would recommend installing a 2-inch level kit in front and a 1-inch block in the rear. This should give you just enough clearance without sacrificing the stock ride quality of the truck too much.

What size tires can you put on a trail boss?

The only way to find out is to check in the owner’s manual. If it says you can use 33″ tires, that’s all you need to know. The engineers who designed your vehicle say one thing.

The manufacturer of the tires says something else. Who do you trust? You should always read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your owner’s manual. That’s the only correct answer to this question.

What is the biggest tire you can put on a trail boss?

The biggest tire you can fit on a 3rd and 4th generation Chev Silverado 1500 is a 33-inch tire. This applies to the stock rim size of 17 inches. This is not to say that bigger tires can’t be fitted, but they will require modifications to the suspension and/or body of the truck to achieve the best results.

Do you need a lift kit for 35 inch tires?

It all depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles have an excellent stock ride height and do not need a lift kit to fit 35-inch tires. For example, some Jeep Wranglers have a stock height that is high enough to accommodate 35 inch tall tires. However, most vehicles have terrible ride heights and need a lift kit to fit 35 inch tires.

What is the lift on a trail boss?

The lift on Trail boss is a kit that provides you with leveling while increasing tire clearance to ensure stability and safety. The lift alone gives the driver up to an additional two inches of ground clearance.

This can make it easier to drive over rough terrain and makes it much more likely to clear obstacles (like rocks and tree stumps) without damaging the underside of your vehicle


All in all, the Trail Boss is a great improvement over most of its counterparts on the market. The suspension system and 35-inch tires are engineered to handle any terrain or situation while providing class-leading comfort. . If you found this article helpful, feel free to share.