Honda b12 service (Civic,Accord,CRV, Pilot Code Meaning)

You may be wondering what the b12 service code on your dashboard or MID screen means if you own a Honda. You’ve come to the right place, thankfully, to learn all of this and more.

Irrespective of the Honda model, your car can continue to be in good condition if you follow the regular recommended maintenance schedule.

The b12 or any other service code that blinks on the car’s dashboard is a function of the vehicle’s maintenance minder system, which alerts and draws your attention to a specific service that your vehicle needs at that point in time.

These services become due to how your engine runs at higher temperatures during short trips, frequent starts, and stops, or just other factors that affect the vehicle’s oil life.

What Does the honda b12 service Code Mean?

In short, the B12 code stands for three main services due for fixing, b indicates the need to change oil and oil filter, 1 means that you need to perform a tire rotation, and 2 stands for the need to replace the air filter and cabin filter.

These are the basic checks as prompted by the codes that the Honda mechanic will do. However, you, as the owner, can do it yourself.

When you see the B12 code, have it in mind that the specific service items of your vehicle that needs to be performed are: to change the oil, oil filter, air filter, and cabin air filter, as well as perform tire rotation and vehicle checks.

How much does the Honda b12 service cost?

As mentioned earlier, performing the b12 service on your car can be done yourself and would cost you around $70 to $80 to purchase the required parts.

A breakdown of the essential material cost includes the cabin air filter, which can cost about $20; purchasing the oil and the oil filter will set you back for about $30, plus any other parts, which might total around $70 as mentioned above.

Suppose you are taking it to a Honda mechanic, the cost for labor can be $120 per hour, and technicians will spend around 20 to 30 minutes maximum in fixing it all. So you are looking at spending around $250 to $300 for the b12 service if you aren’t going to do it yourself.

How to reset b12 or other service codes on Honda

When the Honda technician finally finishes performing the b12 service or any other prompted maintenance on your Honda, he is supposed to reset the maintenance minder to stop the alert from displaying on your dash.

Suppose the technician did not. In that case, you will have to do the rest yourself. Thankfully, the process is straightforward and can be applied to all Honda vehicles equipped with maintenance Minder.

The first thing you should do is continuously press and hold the reset button. When the entire oil life indicator appears, stop pressing.

Afterward, you want to press and hold the same button to make sure the oil life indicator and maintenance code begins to blink. Next, bear down and hold the reset button again, but this time, to ensure that the oil life indicator resets to 100%. At this point, you will see that the maintenance item code disappears.

Understanding service codes display on Honda

Aside from the b12 service, other service codes can be displayed and required due for performance by the owner. At this point, you should know that all service codes are part of the vehicle’s maintenance minder system.

This onboard computer measures and records sensor ratings at various parts of your vehicle to determine and notify you when it is optimal to have it serviced.

Here is the catch: when your engine runs at a higher temperature, the oil life depletes faster than when you’re driving under normal conditions at low RPMs.

There is a range indicator that will let you know if your oil life is in the display dash. But along with this, the car also uses service codes to help you determine the services required.

Examples of these codes are b12 as we have seen, a13, a123, etc. These codes consist of the main code and a subcode. For instance, in the b12 service code, B is the main code, while 1&2 are sub-codes.

This may not look very clear, but fortunately, there is a page under the maintenance section of the car manual that contains all the service codes and what they stand for.

Conclusion on Honda b12 Service Code

Honda driver or not, going by service recommendation will go a long way in expanding your car’s lifespan. I hope you now know the next line of action to take once you see the b12 or any other service code displayed on your maintenance minder.

Note that these service codes may vary depending on your car model. Hence, it will do you a lot of good to check your car manual to easily understand whatever service code your vehicle displays at the next interval. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will answer them.