Does Eco Mode Save Gas? (Surprising Truth)

For many people, the fuel economy of a car is one of the most important factors when buying a new car. And when it comes to fuel economy today automotive manufacturers came with features and tech designed to improve fuel economy and lower emissions. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important features that help in improving your vehicle’s fuel economy does it really work?

What is Eco Mode on a Vehicle?

Economy mode is a fuel-saving feature that allows cars to use less gas. It reduces the amount of air that gets into your engine, making it run more slowly.

In economy mode, the car will get better gas mileage, but it might not be as powerful and may make your ride feel sluggish.

Some cars have an economy mode button on the dashboard or console. Some models also have an economy setting in their transmission’s manual mode. Other models automatically shift into economy mode when you hit certain speeds or when you come to a stop.

In some vehicles, hitting the brakes can trigger economy mode as well as pressing down on the gas pedal for long periods of time (like when you’re stuck in traffic).

How Does Eco Mode Work?

Eco mode works by adjusting several different settings on your car’s engine at once. Some of these include:

Engine speed

Eco mode reduces the maximum engine speed so that your engine can’t go faster than it needs to go in order to maintain speed or increase speed. This allows the car to use less fuel at low speeds where acceleration isn’t needed as much, but still give you enough power to merge onto the highway without any trouble.

Throttle position

The throttle position sensor tells your car’s computer when you step on the gas pedal and how hard you press on it (in other words, how much gas pressure there is). When using Eco mode, this sensor will tell the computer to reduce its response time so that it takes a little bit longer for the throttle to move when you press down on it.

This helps the car to use less gas since it won’t accelerate as quickly when you press down on the gas pedal.

Adjusted Transmission Shift

The transmission shift lever controls how many gears your car has and when it changes from one gear to another. When you’re in Eco mode, the car will use first gear for longer periods of time so that it doesn’t have to switch to

higher gears as often. This helps reduce fuel consumption since less gas is needed to accelerate when driving at lower speeds (i.e., going up hills or merging onto the highway).

Does Eco Mode Save Gas?

In short, Eco mode does save gas according to eco mode saves 5-6% whereas automakers claim eco mode saves 10-15%. So it depends on how you drive and the type of car you have. The better you drive, the more savings you will get from eco mode. whereas consumer reports ( found that eco mode is not as effective when driving in the city compared to highway driving.

When Should You Use Eco Mode?

If you’re going on long journeys and want to save as much fuel as possible, then the eco mode is a good idea. If you use it all the time, however, then it could cause problems with your car’s performance and safety features – particularly in less-than-ideal conditions such as heavy rain or foggy weather.

If there are lots of bumps on the road or if there’s lots of traffic around you, then using eco mode might not be a good idea because it will make your car work harder than usual – this could affect its handling and braking ability. If this happens when driving at high speeds or over long distances then it could cause damage to your engine or other parts of your vehicle too.

What’s the difference between Eco and Normal mode?

Normal mode is the standard driving mode whereas eco mode is for saving gas. In normal mode, the car will use more fuel and accelerate faster than in eco mode. In eco mode, it will accelerate slower but consume less fuel.


Eco mode is a fuel saving feature that allows you to drive your car more efficiently. It will save you money in the long run, but it might not be suitable for every situation and some Auto Experts claim the eco mode feature is just a marketing ploy by car manufacturers.