Brand New Tire Losing Air Pressure (Possible Causes)

You just brought a brand new set of tires for your car, but now they’re slowly losing air, you may have never heard of this issue before and don’t know what it is or how to fix it on your own. No worries! This article will provide a few tips on how to avoid having your new tires lose air pressure, why tires lose air, as well as some help fixing the issue if it happens.

Vital Information about Tires

It is normal for tires to lose some air over time regardless of their age, so you shouldn’t be alarmed. However, if you’re noticing more significant losses than normal this may be a sign that your tires are defective, or there is a problem with your tire pressure seal which is crucial to keeping the tires inflated at all times.

Newer tires generally tend to lose less air. Since the tire hasn’t been used as much, it will lose less air in comparison to a tire that’s been used for a longer period of time.

Tires lose air over time due to a variety of causes such as the quality of the tire itself, the weather, the temperature, and where you live. The temperature will have an effect on your tires because if you live in a warm climate your tires will expand and contract more than if you lived somewhere with colder temperatures.

Why Do New Tires Lose Air?

Valve stem not installed/faulty:

If the valve stem isn’t fully screwed in all the way, air can slowly escape through the improper seal. It is important to check every tire once you buy them to make sure they are fully screwed in and there is no leak.

If not you should bring them to a mechanic or store that sells tires and have them fix them for you. Depending on where you take your tires some people forget the importance of ensuring the valve stem is fully sealed and secured.

New tires installed on a Bent Rim:

If your tires were installed on a rim that is bent, the tire may not be fully secured. A bent rim can cause the tire to move around while driving and continuously rub against the inside of the wheel which will create friction and cause your new tires to lose air quickly.

Improper inflation:

Inflating your tires incorrectly can lead to them losing air over time or they may be underinflated by almost 10%. If you notice that your pressure is too high this can also lead to your new tires losing air. Sometimes people will just forget to check their tires constantly and assume they’re fine, which can be a huge mistake.

Faulty seal on the tire bead:

Sometimes when a tire is shipped the tire doesn’t have a perfect seal around the bead. This doesn’t usually happen with new tires, but if you notice your tires are losing air more than usual it may be a sign that there is a leak from this seal.

Is it normal for new tires to lose air pressure?

In short, no. New tires will lose some air over time, but if you notice a significant loss of air it is probably time to get your tires checked out.

As long as your wheels are secure and there is no leak this should not be an issue to fix on your own. A small amount of air pressure is normal as you drive but if you notice your tires losing air significantly faster than usual this may be a sign that there is an issue with the seal.

Tips and ways to avoid new tires losing air:

  1. Check your tire pressure regularly:
    It is recommended that you check your tires at least once a week to ensure the pressure is still okay. This will allow you to notice any changes in pressure so you can fix them before they get too serious. If you are taking a long trip, make it a point to quickly stop by a gas station and check your tires before continuing on your journey.
  2. Check tire valve stem:
    If your tires are losing air this does not have to be a difficult process. Just make sure to check it every time you fill up your tank and you should be fine.
  3. Take your car to your local repair shop:
    Personal cars are never complicated and this will be the same for yours. Go to your local mechanic or store that sells tires, and have them check the valve stem and make sure it is both secure and properly sealed.
  4. Check your pressure every time you change your tire:
    A lot of people don’t check their tires when they get a new set, but you should always check what pressure they are using before you sit down in the car.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a problem that is hard to figure out, but thankfully there are many different things you can do to ensure your new tires don’t start losing air quickly.

All the steps involved are simple and easy, and choosing to have your tires checked on a regular basis will ensure that you never have a problem causing this issue. This is serious business if you don’t take it seriously and need professional help to get your tires working properly again.