tie rod ends

Should I Replace Both Inner and Outer Tie Rods? (Explained!)

If you’re experiencing rattles in your steering wheel, it’s likely that you’re missing a couple of tie rods. Do you need to replace both the inner and outer tie rods or can you just replace the first one? Let’s find out. Should I replace both inner and outer tie rods? Yes, it’s best to replace … Read more

high flow catalytic converter pros and cons

Pros and Cons of High Flow Cats (Catalytic Conveter 101)

Catalytic converters are among the most important components on cars that operate with fuel injection. Without them, an automobile will never meet the requirements of a specific state’s emission laws. High flow catalytic converters allow automotive engineers to tune a car according to performance and engine characteristics. There are many things to think about when … Read more

boiling coolant in the water b

Coolant Boiling in Reservior (Most Common Causes)

Visible bubbling or boiling of a coolant in the reservoir is one of the most common problems in automotive cooling systems. The reason is that it usually indicates that the system has an underlying issue with the cooling system and/or the engine, and there are many potential causes for overheating in this article we are … Read more

what is a normal maf reading

What is a Normal Mass Air Flow Sensor Reading? (Explained)

What is a normal mass air flow sensor reading? If you’re wondering about this, you are not alone. Most drivers don’t even know where to look for this sensor, let alone what its normal readings should be. This article will teach you everything you need to know about mass airflow sensor reading. Read on. What … Read more

can you add apps on subaru starlink

Can you add apps to Subaru Starlink? (Explained)

The Subaru Starlink tech is not a mere multimedia feature like some think it is. There is more to it than playing songs and listening to podcasts. For a token, you can gain access to added features including safety and security plus, connectivity and enhanced navigation. Like always, there are many questions that people ask … Read more