10w40 vs 20w40

10w40 vs 20w40: Which One is Better?

As we all know, Engine oil is very important to keep an engine running, without it, the engine would not be able to function as all the metal parts within the engine such as the camshafts and bearings would begin to grind against each other and wear out the engine almost instantaneously by giving a …

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rush hour traffic can cause higher fares

The Best Times to Drive for Uber and Lyft

Want to know the best time of day to drive for Uber and Lyft? While there’s not exactly a “bad time” it does help to understand how to maximize your potential for the times that will yield you better results. There’s basically 5 factors that are going to make a big difference in how much …

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Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons: Is Buying a Hybrid Car Worth It?

You’ve likely heard a lot of hype about hybrid cars, but as you may suspect there certainly are hybrid cars pros and cons. You also probably have a lot of questions: Are hybrid cars good? Is buying a hybrid car worth it? If you’re driving and looking for ways to save money, we’re here to …

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